Friday, August 21, 2009

Fine Times, Good Times, Fun Times, Times Square...

Such a lucky girl I am to have such fun sisters.  Seriously.  If you don't have a sister - go find one.  I could see if one of mine would be in your area to loan out for the day.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  Mine are just too great.  My youngest sister, the baby, the bambino girlie of our family came to the great NE. (Northeast, that is.)  She came for one last hurrah and "just us girls" inspired activities before she went off to college.  

Ok - quick digression... College?  Seriously Jenna?!  When did that happen?  Remember the year we moved to the mountains? (Probably not, you were 2!)  It had snowed so much that winter that our walkway was piled with enormous mounds of snow.  I still see your little two year old body, dwarfed by the snow stack, walking up and down that walk while you "helped" moved things in.  Your dolly.  Your blanket.  A random bowl mom would find for you.  Now you're going to a big university?  Where there will be boys (they better keep their distance those no good, lousy...oops, sorry --did I type that outloud?)and professors and dorms and no curfew and your old enough to do that legally?  Without written consent from mom?  What?  My little Jennaben.  It would be cliche and appropriate to say that it makes me feel old that you are off to your next big adventure.  But I won't say that.  I'm thrilled for you.  My excitement far exceeds the weight of the years it should put on my shoulders.   Anyway, back to your visit...

Newport - always amazing.  Even more super spectacular when we went together.  Eating chowdah and clam cakes and stuffies (I HEART stuffies) at Flo's with an ocean view off the balcony?  Pure clam shack heaven.  The beach?  Your sand mermaid was absolutely inspiring.  Even with her smooshed head that kind of sunk into the sand like she was lying on a really bad pillow.  Still awesome. (Sorry no pics of that.  Trust me, it was sweet.)  Thanks for making me feel like your old sister still has a little something something.  I don't think the guys in the tiny sports car would have said "hi ladies" in their 'we are the coolest dudes you will ever meet in Rhode Island - nay the world' tone if it were just me.  And maybe someday, on your way to become a marine biologist (after your whale riding course) you can write a research paper on why seagulls are so smart and people that leave their food out in the open and their towels unattended are so not smart.  Oh!  And our beach picnic!  Who knew a styrofoam cooler could carry so much joy and delicious treasures!  

How cool was the Rosecliff Mansion?  I loved that you felt the Great Gatsby's presence even before you knew it was filmed there.  Loved it.  We should've taken a real spin around that ballroom.  What's the worse they would've done?  Asked us to stop?  Next time.  In honor of all the horrific 70's socialite dresses that were on display upstairs, you can pretend this photo is from that era.  Even though 98% of those dresses made me throw up in my mouth a little, I think you would've looked quite stunning in six of them.  Yes, six.  The rest, blah!  That was a bad era for socialites.  I'll be continuing my daydreams on the lawn of the turn of the century Vanderbilt's summer home, thank you.   

New York! Broadway! Times Sqaure! The subway! Battery Park! Central Park! Manhattan Temple! Tolls! Traffic! Hot dog carts! Pretzel carts! In The Heights! Canal street! Crazy people! Illegal handbag selling! Disgusting parking garage bathrooms! That was one amazing day, wasn't it? Hot time in the big city.  I feel like we could have done 96 thousand more things! 

So, thank you!  Thank you for always having a good time no matter what we are doing.  Thanks for your adventurous spirit.  (So proud of you trying all the New England fare!  Loster, New England chowdah...)  I really am proud of the amazing young woman you have grown up to be.  I hope you'll forgive your overly sentimental sister and her "remember when" speeches every time you hit a major (or minor) milestone.  I truly am inspired by your integrity, grace, virtue, sense of adventure and gentle, happy spirit you bring with you everywhere you go.   

So go do your conquering and exploring and don't be afraid to put yourself out there.  In the spirit of broadway, remember, "those who don't try, never look foolish!"
(You and I both know it's the "foolish" looking ones who are having all the fun and adventures!)

(And keep not letting the boys kiss you!)


Hamblin Family said...

That is just about the sweetest blog ever! It almost makes me actually want to rent your sister! Glad you had a chance to see her before she goes off on a new adventure. Oh, and it is true that the foolish ones are the ones having the most fun isn't it?!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Sounds like I missed out on a par-tay! Love the pictures. Love the memories. Love both of you!

Shauna said...

What a blast. Lucky, lucky Jenna