Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, (I believe that would be two of you...) you know that this blog is about nothing really.  It has no theme, no consistent entries on the same topic.  Random.  So, if you will please indulge me on yet another random post about the inane thoughts that are rolling through my brain.

Here is my current head thread...

Brett?  What are you doing?  Seriously!!?!  When you came back last year, I thought, "Okay, that's fine.  So you want to give it one more shot.  I like the Jets.  That's okay.  I can still be your fan.  Even if you're not a Packer anymore.  I will still love your signature little jump when you connect with a receiver in the end zone.  Fine."

Then you retired.  Again.

And now?  2009 and you're playing for the Vikings?  The Minnesota Vikings?  Do you even remember your years with Green Bay?  Does the word 'rivalry' not compute in your vocabulary?  How about 'biggest rivalry' in football?  At least one of the biggest.  The cheese heads will tell you that anyway.  

You signed with the enemy.  It's not that I dislike the Vikings.  They're not my favorite...whatever, that's not the point!  I understand the need to be fulfilled and maybe you think you still have a few bombs in you, but COME ONE!  You already retired!  We sent you away with love and admiration... again! 


 I don't know Favre.  You're making it really hard on a girl to be a fan.  The Vikings?  Remember when Schilling left Boston and went to the Yankees?  That was bad.  This might be worse.  My biggest fear is that you are going to be embarrassed by all the young hot shots out there.   So instead of going out on top, (like you did TWO years ago - let's face it, last year did not have your best shining moments...) your last few years might be riddled with interceptions and sacks and injuries and losses.  Wait, that already happened.  Actually, that happened at Green Bay.  Hmm.  Wait, are you trying to play for every team in the league?  Is this some sort of bet?  Is this a joke?  Are you cracking up every night that teams will still sign you?  Who will it be next year?  

Oh boy.  You know I'll still follow you.  You know I'll still keep up with how your team is doing.  I just might have a little less heartfelt cheers to give.  

We'll see.  Maybe you're trying to tell me that anything is possible.  

But seriously... THE VIKINGS?!  

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Hamblin Family said...

Now come on Kara, more than two people read your blog!! About Farve, Scott feels the same way. He just needed to stop when he was ahead. He just doesn't have it anymore. Poor guy, but who knows. only time will tell.