Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, What Have You Been Up To?

As mentioned in a previous post, we're living in the mountains right now. What I didn't make clear is where I am living. I'm back home. My hubby and I are mooching it up right now at ma and pa's. Since our return home from working in Connecticut, we've been on the look out and searching for a home to call our own. A home to raise a family in. A family of five! So, graciously and without guile, my parents said, "stay as long as you need to."

As generous as that offer is, we do feel a sense of urgency to get settled. (It's kind of hard to nest in a home that isn't yours, ya know?) So, we look and apply and make offers. It's a process. The good news, we aren't the only ones calling the Oakley homestead 'home.' My sister and her family are here too! Her family too is in a transition period and are patiently waiting for their new home to be built. Gainful employment is the reason we are both living back home a short while, not the other way around. Just in case anyone was worried.

It's been fun to be home. Especially with my sister and her kids. We even had an extra border here from California for two weeks! Yet another sister and her darling toddler. It was like the old days where multiple families and generations living together was the norm. It was a blast. We even canned peaches like they did in the old days - back in 1982. (Joking. We just aren't a canning family, so it was kind of a big deal.)

The nature of our life circumstances lately find me at home. No job, just home. It's a good thing actually. Because sometimes I wake up at 8:30 and am ready for a nap at 10:00 am. Just like my 18 month old niece. The only difference is I don't cry right before I lay down. (Much.) But I have been busy. You wouldn't believe all the things there is to do in a day in house full of little ones. My 4 year old nephew is busy all day long and sometimes I am lucky enough to be included in his to do list.

Like the other day there were a million clones in the the house. A million! Armed with light sabers and jacks, we got rid of a lot of them. Then there is Clifford alphabet bingo, Monopoly, (You think Monopoly is long with regular rules? Try playing by a 4 year old's rules!) and of course the occasional movie for quiet time. (My favorite.)

And while my sister is doing my dishes and changing the laundry for me, I try to be useful and make sure her little one isn't eating soap or trying to jump off the table. Most times she is in the pantry. In fact, when her little cousin from California was here, (they are the same age) that is where they spent most of their time. Pulling out cereal boxes and fruit snacks. Sometimes they would bring something to you if they really wanted it but couldn't quite figure out how to get the food out. But most times, it was a free for all of little toddler hands taking turns dipping into the cereal.

Watching those two together, I couldn't help but think, HOW AM I GOING TO KEEP UP WITH THREE?!? And these two are totally normal toddlers. Busy, crazy, happy, grumpy, going from morning til nap til dinner til night. Phew. But keep up I will. I have a little while before that stage. It's just one step at a time. And right now, the step is celebrating a successful first trimester and countdown to week 19 when we will find out what is cooking in there. 3 boys? (Yikes.) 3 girls? (Yikes.) Combo? (Okay, yikes, yikes.)

My 'yikes' are tongue in cheek of course. 'Yikes' is a general way to describe most days when I think of my expectations I have for myself as a mother of three at once. But, again, there is peace. So, I can't say 'yikes' too much. So bring on week 15. Bring on pantry raids. Bring on morning naps and clones and dear, dear sisters who take care of you (even though one of them is 8 months pregnant herself - love you Meg!).

It really is a charmed life.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

Too sweet :) So excited for your 3 to join the rest! And if anyone can keep up, it's YOU!

McNeil Family said...

Alright, a few things. First, congratulations! How exciting. Second, living rent free with parents is awesome. You can find me, Patrice, and Evan at the Shuppy residence. Finally, seriously, how are you going to keep up with three at a time? I'm not kidding. Have one at a time is so hard. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm blog stalking now..... I just had a baby in August... he's 6 weeks now... imagining having three.... WOW. Not trying to worry you, you'll be great! Congrats!

Kamal and Amber said...

Wow Kara - Congrats!! I am so happy for you. I haven't looked at your blog for a while and was so glad to read the exciting news. Don't be nervous - you have a great family and they will all be there to help you. I will have to come and visit you next time I am in Kamas. Take Care of yourself and good luck with everything!