Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Form Part 3

Oops, I mean Part 2. I'm always thinking in 3's for some reason.

Alright so, I was wrong again. Apparently, when you announce that your baby sleeps through the night, your baby decides on its own, or has a conference with the other babies it lives with and decides to pull a fast on on mom.

I was not present for this meeting. But I know it happened.

S: Hey did you guys hear that mom is blabbing to everyone that we are sleeping all night long?

G: Seriously? Wow. I haven't even decided if I am ready to sleep ALL night, every night.

C: Well, we have only one option.

S, G, C in unison: Revolution! Viva la night time feedings and just being awake at all hours at random in general! So on and so forth!

They take turns with their protest. I think they are too tired for them to do it all at once. They trade nights. Those darling little revolutionaries. Long live 3 am. Well, I hope not.

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Jimi said...

Kara and Kidx3....It is wonderful to see all your faces again and see that everyone is doing so good. You have all crossed my mind and Tina gave me your blog site. It is so nice to see that all three are getting so big and handsome/darling as can be. I could not even imagine how life is around your house adjusting, feeding, changing, sleeping (by the way so proud of you and Chris for getting them all 3 to sleep all night even if for a few nights...HIGH you both) and all the rest with three little ones. But most of all what a JOY for being able to love, hold, kiss, hug and watch three little ones grow. Greyson has brought us so much joy! Our family blog is where you can see how much he has grown and all his adventures he brings to us. Hope we can keep in touch!! Keep up the good work!!