Monday, August 16, 2010

Round Table

Okay, order! Order! I hearby declare this meeting to begin. First order of business: teeth. Sunny, we understand you are working on a few. Let us know how that goes so we can be briefed on what to expect when we begin that whole process.

It hurts. Bad.

Alright, next order of business, solid foods. Are we ready? I'll let the octopus moderate our discussion.
Christian? Any thoughts?

{Question: Have you heard of baby led weaning?

If you have, did you do it?

If you did it, did you like it?

If you liked it would you recommend it to me?

Question: Which bear is best?}

Hey! Babies only. We'll get you the minutes later if you are really interested.

Our mom is weird.


Anonymous said...

Are you asking US about Baby Led Weaning, or are those guys still discussing it?

Staci shWilliams said...

Kara I love looking at your blog, your three babes are so darling, and you are obviously an amazing mommy!! I hope you guys are doing great!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

You crack me up.

What the heck is baby led weaning??

Love the pictures!

MrsD said...

I am sad I have to go back to work, I am afraid they will forget who I am! Nanny Granny was the highlight of my summer!

The Texas Trio said...

Kara, thanks for stopping by our blog and for the comment you left. Your babies are beautiful. I loved your "he didn't know" post about your Doctor. God is faithful isn't He?

You've made it thru the hardest part ... except maybe potty training :) There is something so special about having triplets.

And you are right ... be careful when you are praying for patience. I also tell all of my friends to ask for their babies one at a time!

Best wishes to you and your family.


Stephanie said...

You aren't weird - we love any and every baby post. I have no idea about baby-led weaning. Never got that far with nursing. I'm all for solid foods, though. Go rice cereal!

Shauna said...

Black Bear. Bears eat beets. Bears, beets, battlestar gallatica:)

Hamblin Family said...

I love the way you blog and your babies are too cute!!!

joyce raeth said...

Kara, you are so funny and entertaining. I love checking in on your blog and reading your posts.
You make me smile. Love, Aunt Joyce