Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos (No idea where the squiggly line is on my keyboard)

The Celebration Continues!

The three amigos had a muy fabulous time at their birthday party. Gracias todas who came, sent happy tidings, made and sent decorations, brought food, came from far away, sent cards, helped set up, helped clean up, helped party and make our celebration of turning one outstanding!

"She's touching me!!" (Probably not the last time this scenario will take place.)

The spread. Tacos, tacos, tacos.

Uncle Rich, cousins Amelia and Ben having some tacos, tacos, tacos. (Well, Ben favors plain tortillas and I believe Meils only has fruit on her plate.)

Pre-smashed in pinata (sorry, still don't know where that darn squiggly line is for the "n") and super picture collage my sister Shauna helped me make. Pinata complete with authentic Mexican candy. (PS - I know what the squiggly line is called, I just don't want to embarrass myself by pretending I know how to spell it. Nor am I willing to look it up. Que es la palabra for lazy?)

"Hola! Estoy darling." (Sunny)

Los tres amigos. Que cute, cute, cute, no? (Christian, Sunny, Gabe)

Cupcakes and tribute picture of the birthday dudes. (Spoiler alert: no cake for the birthday babies this year. I know, grinchy, grinchy mom. A little cake is not going to hurt them. I just didn't do it, ok?)

It's my party and I'll pout if I want to. (Christian)

"I'm how old? No! Que awesome." (Gabe)

GG and Aunt Shauna around the drinks. Jarritos of various flavors were a big hit.

Dad with party guests, Gramma Linda and Aunt Megan.

Since grinchy mom did not do cake, she had to think of something else that was fun and exciting. So we sang Happy Birthday while a sparkler was going. Heh? Exciting? Right? (They all look riveted, don't they?)

Just a few of the sweet decorations our friend Abby made. (Watch out for a future book from her on how to plan awesome parties.)

Two chicitas bonitas. Grandma D and Sunny.

Our buddy Noah and his mommy Tina. Noah has officially been there done that with the whole NICU gig. He was our roommate for a while. It was so great they came to celebrate with us!

Aunt Megan and Gabers. (Yes, he has that look a lot.)

A couple of cupcakes enjoying some cupcakes. Friend Brynlie and cousin Amelia.

Uncle Michael, Aunt Mindy and Dane sharing some tacos!

Sunny and Aunt Shauna greeting new guests. Bienvenidos a la fiesta!

Christian enjoying some party chatter with some of our favorite neighbors, the Greenhalgh Girls!

In lieu of cake, they had all the yogurt melts they could handle!

Sunny waving goodbye to all our party guests with Gramma Linda. Adios! Vaya con Dios! Thanks for coming!
(Let's not forget to mention the uber cute flags. Again, Abby. Write that book girl.)

I definitely did not get pictures of everyone that came. If you came and did not see your cute face, sorry. We still appreciate you anyway. Even if you didn't come, we still love and appreciate you.

I can't say it enough, so I'll say it again. This first year of life for our gang of munchkins was quite a whirlwind of ups and downs. We could not have done it without you. Yes, you. If you're reading these words, we mean YOU! We have quite a circle of supporters. Everywhere from behind the scene quiet prayers to daily help that was slowly whittled to weekly. We felt and soaked in all the great care and love we've received. We feel incredibly blessed to have such a great system of support and love for our babies.


(And also sorry for misspelling any words that are not English. Or that are.)


Kim said...

That was such a fun party! Thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of it--and for the cute picture of my sweetie with Amelia! Happy Birthday, Babies!!!

Unknown said...

The three amigos were so cute! What a fun party for them!!!

Grant and Candice said...

The party was AMAZING! We felt so lucky to be part of it. Cute Cute babies!

Tina said...

I am so glad we were able to celebrate with your three amigos! We had a ball. Thanks!

Abby said...

Thanks for the accolades! Can't wait to see you all!