Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still Running

Six months since I last posted here? Sheesh. Good news, I'm still running. Bad news, I'm going to blog about it.

Summary of last six months:

August : Ran a sweet 5K with some neighbors and some church going peeps. Felt real good since it was still round the clock with the babies. Loved, loved getting out of the house by myself.

September: Ran a sweet 10K in Midway. So pretty. I had a great picture but lost it due to technical difficulties on my phone. The Galleys came to see their kin folk finish, but I pretended they came to see me.

October: No races. But plenty of 80's music montages going through my head as I hit the hills to take in the majesty that is fall in the mountains. (It's the eye of the tiger...)

November: Cold.

December: Still cold. BUT, my cute honey surprised me with a treadmill. What?!? Nice.

January: Found durn cool app to help me log my runs. Result? Total miles: 42.67. Total time: 6:48:31. Average pace: 10:10.

February: Hoping I don't get stuck in my day tomorrow and have to repeat it over and over and over and over until I learn some kind of lesson.

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Kim said...

What app are you using to log your running? My goal is to hit the gym every day, I make it about once a week. :(