Thursday, February 3, 2011

More About Little Birdies

Let's talk about this twitter thing for a minute.

Why? Three words: Library of Congress. Did you know every single tweet is going to be archived there? I thought, heck yea! I want to be in the Library of Congress. So that pretty much sealed the deal.

Also, it is so easy to put up all the pictures I take with my phone. Sorry blogger. I still love you. I will still be here, siphoning out most of my thoughts and posting pictures for my kid's fan club. (After all, I'm rather wordy, 140 character won't cut it for me on a regular basis.)

Number D: twitter is a bit lonely. My credit union is pretty much my only follower. (Which I didn't even ask them. Kind of creepy how they found me...) So, won't you find and follow me? Just like 2nd grade tag, you follow me, I follow you. Like most social media, my self-esteem and how I view myself as a viable member of society is DIRECTLY linked to how many people I have in my twitter account. So, there you go.

@wordsbykara is my handle. (My name is Kara and I put words up) Also you can see a picture of why I am in trouble.

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