Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couple Things

So, my new header picture?

Nice right. You don't have to look too closely to see that my kids are playing with pumping stuff that has been stashed in a cupboard for 8 months. My three, once preemie 2 pounders, now one year olds. Active, crazy, busy. I know there is irony in there somewhere. (If you had ANY idea how many hours I spent with that blasted equipment while they were sleeping in their little boxes.)

Also, have you heard of this new fad called "tweeting?" I'm still not a book face person. But I am now officially a little twit.


Lydia said...

haha haven't become a twit yet but I hear it is quite the thing now a days. And Happy Birthday again babies!! They are so stinkin cute and their birthday party looked awesome!!

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

oh Kara you just crack me up. all. the. time. Love those little ones!

Anonymous said...

What? You tweet? I don't tweet, but I do have a book face. Get one, it's fun. You can stalk anyone you want.

Tina said...

Yay, I don't book face either! Its hard to find many of us around these days. :)