Thursday, February 17, 2011

National No Sarcasm Week

So, it's not a national movement. Just one in my own head. I think I am WAY too sarcastic of a person. I decided I need to cut back. So this week is officially NO SARCASM WEEK! (fanfare trumpets playing...shoot, was that sarcastic? Oh boy.)

If you interact with me in life, feel free to call me out on my self-challenge if you see me this week and hear any form of sarcastic comment escape my lips.

No sarcasm! YeA!

Gabe and Sunny in a box. I had just explained to them what the word 'sarcasm' means. (Shoot, I'll start over.)

Christian scaling the baby gate out of the play room. He had heard my boring lecture about sarcasm to Gabe and Sunny and didn't want a repeat. (Ok, NOW I'll start over. No sarcasm


michael. mindy. dane. said...

Climb, Christian. Climb!

Good luck on the no sarcasm. I wouldn't even dare try it. And function on Saturday? Good luck with the no sarcasm bit there..

Carrie said...

that picture of christian only brings one thing to my mind. "hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband..."

good luck this week. you'll need it. (no sarcasm ...see, i'm really good at that. you should follow my example.)

MrsD said...

Yeah, right! No sarcasm intended! :)

Why don't you give Christian pole and be done with it? No sarcasm intended. :)

Kelsey said...

Can he really scale that thing? Wow. I'm impressed!

Steve Galley said...

Just noticed this Nat'l No Sarcasm Week dealio. If it were to ever happen for realio, I quit. "Give me sarcasm or give me death!!!!!!!!"