Sunday, March 20, 2011

Insane Month in Spring Fridge Bracket

Is your bracket busted? Have your picks been Jimmered? Never heard of Virginia Commonwealth? No problem. I have what you need. Just answer my poll questions to the right to play my Insane Month in Spring Fridge Bracket. The original is literally on my fridge. I just need your input to advance picks to the next round.

The bracket is totally random and past the first round, picks will have little or nothing in common. So chances are, the further we get, the less it will make sense. Just like watching a foreign film!

A few rules:

1. Gather votes from who's around you. Browsing blogs during class? Poll your students and or peers. Four year old looking over your shoulder? Get their pick.

2. Don't question the original match ups.

3. All questions must be submitted in writing.

4. Go with your gut.

5. Check back often for more match ups to vote on.!


Steve Galley said...

I've never seen an Insane Fridge Bracket. But, then again I've never met someone quite like you. Why do I (and so many others!) love the redhead so much? Let us count the ways... :)

kara said...

You're mistaking liking our kind with thinking we are crazy. It's a common mistake. That's why there's only 2% of us. Gotta disperse the insanity at a slow pace throughout the population.

Shauna said...

Come on Brown Rice!!

Unknown said...

Hatin' on the East Coast....Love me some East Coast!
Oh and Kara...LOVE the new look at the top of the blog. So cute!

Carrie said...

i have breakfast meats in my final four. just fyi.


is that annoying spelling for your grammar savvy self? i'm sorry for that but now you get my point. it was a very important point for me to get across.