Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

I'm wondering when one grows out of the "I have to wash two pairs of hands after I change a diaper" stage. In my case sometimes three. (And those really interesting days, four pairs.)

What are you doing down there mom? Let me feel around and see...
What are you doing over there mom? Let me come over and help with whatever it is your doing...

Now I'm wondering how many of my readers I just alienated by putting a yucky image in their heads.

I'm having cream cheese chicken for dinner tonight courtesy of Howe to Cook. Go there and follow them. They are awesome. I would also like to win whatever it is they are giving away next.

I really need Axe to stop their campaign towards young men. Seriously. Girls will not automatically flock to your side because you smell like every other person at your high school. Don't ask me why I care. I just do. Stop it Axe!

Go Wofford. (Don't tell me neighbor I said that.) (Or the rest of the state.)

I meant to say "my" neighbor. But I think I'll keep it because I'm pretty sure that's how leprechauns talk.

Why does food on a tray not get eaten, but that same exact food that is thrown on the floor gets put in mouths faster than mom can get out the broom and sweep it up?

Did you know I have three Walker, Texas Ranger's at my house? No, there is no one here who can kidney punch a full grown bear. But once a nickname pops out of my mouth in a spontaneous moment, it stays for a while. All three little rascals have taken steps. Some do it for longer stretches. Either way, it's been very fun(ny) to watch.

Christian: full speed, wobbles, walks like he just got off a horse. Has many contusions and/or bumps from navigating his new world of mobility. (I'm walking, I'm walking, I'm walking, I'm CRASH...waaaaah...)

Gabe: short, little side steps. My little guy looks like a crab with all his side walking! But probably my favorite is the look on his face between points. It's a little...umm, panicked? (I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it...) But he is getting braver everyday.

Sunshine: small, calculated, sure of herself steps. I called this one from the beginning. She has been waiting to see all the mistakes her brothers have made in learning how to walk so she doesn't make the same ones. She takes about three steps, then slowly sits and resumes crawling. (That's enough for now. Walking is easy, but I'm not ready to do it down the hall.)

My final thought is a favorite St. Patrick's Day quip I overheard in a conversation last year. It's deep in the archives. But I found it for you here.

Cheers and a green, happy day to you all!


michael. mindy. dane. said...

loved this!

can't believe i haven't even seen the kiddos walking. how long has it been? and walker texas ranger? are you KIDDING ME?! i have been calling dane the same thing tonight! who are we?

thanks for mentioning the blogola! i'll see what i can do to rig the giveaway.

dear anyone who reads this and enters the giveaway on howetocook, it's not rigged! enter!

Stephanie said...

I also hate the Axe commercials. I have vowed to never buy Axe, no matter how good of a coupon deal I get.

Tina said...

First let me say, I loved this post! Now to the good part, 3 walkers?! Heaven help you girl! I can only imagine the new challenges that will bring.

And can't help you on the when that stage ends, as we are in the same one. :) All I can say is for most little boys, it doesn't end with the diaper changes...i.e. there is always one more er..uh.."toy?" {I'm sorry}in the tub than I toss in.