Thursday, March 31, 2011

Riverton Half-Marathon 2011

Despite loving to run, and doing it off and on for nearly 10 years, I have never ran a half-marathon. Until now.

Last Saturday, we plucked sleeping babies out of beds, loaded them in car seats and headed to the valley. It's quite an event to go anywhere with the babies. There's loading of bags and preparation of breakfast, lunch, snack, car snack, sippy cups, changes of clothes, etcetera. Then I still need to get stuff ready for the babies! (bu dum ching.)

I ran the race with my friend Steph who is such a wonderful person and always has a smile, a happy attitude, and also does my run/walk/run style. She's a fabulous race partner. Her husband Steve (future ironman in training) and two daughters, Amber and Heather were outstanding hosts to my kids and husband while we scampered off to the starting line.

Our smiles are frozen on at this point.

Utah had a lovely spring snow (read: booooo on you snow!) the day before so race day morning was frigid. We huddled around standing heaters before we lined up and I jumped in placed to get blood flowing to my digits. Stephanie thought she had a rock in her shoe the first 1/2 mile. Turned out it was just a numb foot.

Steve took this road side shot of us galloping girls.

We definitely warmed up and were shedding layers mid-race. The course was beautiful. We ran through a neighborhood, a 55+ community, and the majority of the race was along the Jordan River park trail. It got a little interesting in some places. The snow, warm weather, snow syndrome that happens here caused the trail to be flooded in some spots, so we jogged through a little mud trail and under a bridge at one point. We also skirted a golf course which made me giddy in anticipation of swinging a club a few times this year. Last year's baby-palooza kind of halted any golfing. I think we can squeeze in a few rounds this year. I hope.

There were a few hills. One killer one around mile 10. I don't know if I have a problem. I don't know if I should seek help, but I love em. I love the uphills. No joke. I heave and huff and puff and need a serious slow jog recovery after. But I love dem hills.

The cooler weather turned out to be perfect for trotting 13.1 miles. Probably the best part of the day was the new PR Stephanie crushed. She ran this race last year and showed me her card. She finished 2010 at 2:40 and some change. We crossed the finish line at 2:28:03. Amazing!

There it is! Steph crossing the finish line and her new PR.

It was a near perfect first half-marathon experience one could have. (I think anyway, I don't have a lot to compare it to.)
Don't we look post-race outstanding?

Great friends, beautiful course, smiling volunteers, it was a great day. But the thing that most made my heart beat a little happier was the tall, handsome guy pushing the triple stroller at the finish line. Chris has been such a champion to my running habit and makes sure I have plenty of time on the weekends for my long runs. He surprised me with a treadmill this last Christmas because the cold weather mixed with being mom times three to one year olds makes it tricky to get in those weekday runs. He is my biggest fan. I loved that it wasn't a question whether or not he was going to be there. He wanted to!

My sweet babies had red noses, despite being bundled, so the post race festivities didn't last too long. We headed back to the Galleys. It involved a little foam rolling, taking turns showering, a couple of recovery shakes, and a little bit laying on the living room floor. :)

Great day.

Babies having a little lunch while mom foam rolled.

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michael. mindy. dane. said...

i can't believe i haven't even called to congratulate you! i've been thinking about it, but i'm a slacker. GO YOU! this is awesome! i didn't even know it was your first half. ah! we should have been there! next time!