Thursday, March 31, 2011

There is a Featured Couple in This Post

I can't believe my new blog header has been up for over a week and I haven't said one word about it! It was created by my very talented sister-in-law, (do we really need the in-law part?) Mindy. Isn't it darling?

If you haven't been to her blog, it's probably because it's private. :) BUT, she and her sisters have a really great recipe blog you should check out. I feel like it's spring every time I see my new header. Even though there are constant snow flurries going on outside my window. Not today, but still. So thanks Mindy!

Is anyone still voting in the fridge bracket absurdness? Something crazy happened and all the votes from yesterday erased. Not sure why. I guess it just adds to the ludicrousness of it all? I'm not putting this comment up to change anyone's mind. I just thought it was hilarious. It's from my brother Michael who also happens to be married to Mindy.

McDonald's Bathrooms and a Banana Slug are in a current match-up:

I have been up close and personal with banana slugs and they are not half as bad as a McDonalds bathroom.


PS - an account of my 13.1 miles of scampering around Riverton last Saturday can be found here.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

i have never felt so special! a post all about me and my hottie husband? wow. we must be awesome!

thanks :)

Tina said...

Congratulations on your half marathon! That's impressive! Also impressed that your significant other would brave the cold with three one-year olds...shout out to Chris! :)

P.S. Love the new header!

mikedegering said...

If I can find them I will get you the pics of the giant banana slugs I encountered in Seattle. They actually look like giant overripened babanas.

mikedegering said...

inching along the ground....i forgot to add that part

kara said...

Yes! Find them please!

Kate said...

Hey Kara! It has been forever. Amy and Scott are over and your name and cuties came up. I was just looking at some of your cute pics of your adorable kids. Anyway, I have a triplet mom group and I was wondering if you are interested.

Diana Hildebrandt