Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shhh! Don't tell...oh, wait. Nevermind.

My sister loaned me one of her cookbooks. It's the Jessica Seinfeld one about sneaking in fruits and vegetables into your kids favorite foods. It is a great idea and I got a little gun-ho about trying out the concept. Especially since some of my little tigers are developing, let's call them, "opinions" at meal time.

I had a giant 5lb bag of carrots freshly purchased yesterday just waiting to be pureed and hidden in their favorite lunch, a cheese and black bean quesadilla. So I peeled, cut, and steamed a bunch of carrots. I decided to only puree half of them.

As I was pureeing, I remembered something. Uh, my kids like carrots. We eat them, like, all the time. (Hence the 5lb bag in the fridge.) I didn't need to disguise them in anything! So I chopped up the remainder of the un-pureed, orange root and gave it to them with lunch. They happily gobbled everything up.

I still have a Tupperware full of orange mush. Hmm. Maybe we'll have orange eggs for breakfast tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Hide Tofu in almost anything for protein(like tacos)

Spinach in smoothies

There is a good recipe online for butternut squash mac and cheese

Pureed veggies in Ranch dip and then you feel a little better about just handing them a spoon!

Also, I have been known to dump veggie baby food (pureed vegetables if you got them)in anything saucy and bumpy (Spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, casseroles etc.)

Also (didn't know I had so much advice...) Jonah likes roasted veggies. He sucks all the olive oil off them and occasionally is fooled into swallowing actual veggie matter!

kara said...

Awesome. Loving the ranch dip idea. Thanks. Although I'm having a hard time believing the girl who is choosing a garden over a driveway has a hard time getting her son to eat his veggies. Really?

Elise said...

lol thats hilarious, i don't know if you've heard this one but you can use white beans in place of butter in baked goods... like cookies etc. We tried it and they were good. Good luck :)

kara said...

What's the beans to butter ratio?

Mike/Margaret said...

You all have good ideas. My Mom would add the dried vegetable flakes to my brothers mac and cheese. It was the only way to get him to "eat dead green things".

Kara, I finally remembered my password so I can leave you comments again. Give my babies lots of love for me. Can't wait for August.

Jimi said...

Loving all the great ideas!! I have been away for a few months and can't believe how much the three of them have grown. But then I look at Greyson everyday and think wow..the wonders of only a year. Amazing that they are all (Greyson, Noah and your three) are just hitting there one year marks at coming home. Seems like forever ago they were turning 1, but the home coming anniversary are amazing!! Can't wait to watch all of them bloom over the next year(s)!!

michelle grange said...

LOL, that's so funny about the carrots. I saw when Jessica was on Oprah and was interested in her cookbook. I should check it out. Let's get together soon!