Monday, May 23, 2011


In my schedule post, I called for questions, promising answers. I have an overwhelming amount of questions to answer. Like four. Two are unrelated to my schedule, but a promise is a promise, and I'm happy to comply.

What percentile is Christian? 25% for both height and weight. This was from his 15 month checkup. But for his adjusted age (12 months) it felt like he was 90%. But that is probably because he plays with one percentiles all day.

Where are we moving? Eee gads. This has been the question of the month. Short answer is closer to Chris' work in the Salt Lake valley somewhere. Like, the south end. (Sorry K, as fun as your neighborhood sounds...) I think we may have a place locked down, I just don't want to jinx it until it's official.

The other question asked for a narrated tour of our house and van and set up. Well, this isn't Cribs or anything (wait, I guess it is, I'm literally giving you a tour of cribs). What you're about to watch is what I see every morning after their nap. Sorry it's kind of dark, we like to pull the blinds to sleep. But just their room for now. They were a little weired out that mommy brought a camera in with her. I'll work on getting the van tour set up. I'm not sure if this really counts as a dream coming true, (Carrie) but to each his own. Exciting stuff folks!


Anonymous said...

Christian is beating Jonah in the "percentile" race. So you can be proud that he is bigger than someone outside of his family! Also, good idea moving to SLC. I hear other parts of it are nice! :) Can't wait to see where you land.

Carrie said...

a VIDEO?!?! that really IS a dream come true! i was anticipating a picture or two with a caption saying something like "nursery: three cribs" because honestly, where on earth can you fit this in the schedule?!?

i can't wait for more "tour" stuff and i'm excited about your move! i want to see pictures of all of that too and your new place! i LOVE pictures!

oh, and you can't leave your other kids behind! what are their stats and percentiles and such?

have i told you lately, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. and you too, but y'know...