Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, I have a best friend. Saturday, we had an anniversary of committing to be best friends forever. (BFF in layman's terms. I'll have to show you our half a heart necklaces sometime.) Six years.

I will admit that I've been swept up in this whole last season of Oprah thing. Having a DVR leaves you vulnerable to vices you wouldn't normally indulge in if left to catching shows when they are on. 4:00 pm is actually a pretty busy time around here. (Let's also not forget to mention fast forwarding commercials -- hello!) So late night Oprah watching happens once in a while. Except last week. With the buzz about the very last week of the Oprah Show, I had it on almost every night. Although he would be reluctant to admit it, and would also be the first to point out he also watched the Heat/Bulls series last week, my best friend was watching some Oprah with me.

Which is why during church today, in a Sunday School lesson about goals and what kinds of things you want for your family, where several men in a row shared their thoughts on this topic: how, why, who, where and being your best, etc, where a male teacher had positioned all the chairs in a semi-circle type fashion, my bestie leaned over and whispered:

"This is like Oprah, but for men."

I love you darling. Thank you for asking me to share this life with you. And thank you for making me laugh. This has been a gift.

(Even if I have to hold it in and cough to cover it up so no one thinks I'm rude because it really was a good lesson.)

Cheers to the next six (billion and forever) years together.


Mike/Margaret said...

Happy Aniversary. We love both of you.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

when i started reading this i was thinking, 'who is her best friend and why don't i know her!' glad to see i do. and that it's a him :)

michelle grange said...

cute guys. such a great couple!! lol about the oprah for men!

Heidi said...

Oh you guys are SO cute! Congrats on six wonderful years. Happy Anniversary!!