Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapturous Move

I think I am in denial about certain events that are coming up in our lives. We are moving. Booo. I hate that we are. I like being close to family and this neighborhood and our neighbors and this valley and my grocery store that has wonderful reverse osmosis water. Sigh.

Packing is NOT awesome. Which is why I have done about 10% of it so far. Never mind that we are leaving our place the end of this month and it's the 20th. Late last night, talking to each other in the dark, right before we both fell asleep, Chris gave me a little hope.

"Maybe when the world ends on Saturday, that will solve our moving dilemma."

So, I'm not going to stress much more until 6 p.m. eastern time tomorrow. If everyone is still here, and the earth has not opened up, I'll get back to stressing and filling boxes.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a whole lot of no fun. Where are you going? Has my blog enticed you to live in Central SLC??? It's FUN!

Grant and Candice said...

That is so funny because just yesterday Grant told me that if the world ends on Saturday then he won't have to go to work. Good luck with the packing and the move!

Lydia said...

Great Idea!! Good Luck! haha

Elise said...

what! where are you going?

Steve Galley said...

Well girl, you're stuck with Pack & Move and I'm stuck training for this Ironman. I was hoping for an ending to all of this misery! ;)