Thursday, September 29, 2011

He IS living by bread alone

I need help.  I have a bread eater.  He eats other things.  Like cheese and milk.  But that's about it.  So, have you any bread recipes with lots of protein and fat?  This little bread eater also needs all the calories he can get.

My little bread man.  The jacket, you ask?  It may or may not have something to do with our family themed Halloween costumes this year.  May or may not.

He's saying, "Nice try on another dinner mom!  I cleaned my tray by putting it all on the floor!"

So bread recipes with fat and protein.  But no teddy grahams.  Or fruit snacks.  He likes those well enough.  Just fat and protein.   Thanks.


Mike/Margaret said...

Try Harry and David Bannana Peanutbutter. It is my favorite.

Just a couple of more days until I can se my little man.

MrsD said...

Bread pudding made with eggs and cream

Carrie said...

ummm, i'm not sure if he'll go for it, but i pretty frequently feed abigail full fat sour cream (instead of yogurt). it's got 5 grams of fat per serving and a serving is only 2 tablespoons. and it's got protein. everyone that hears it thinks it's disgusting but really, it tastes the same as plain yogurt (which is the exact same as vanilla but without the vanilla or sugar).

anyways, sorry for the novel, try sour cream.

and good luck!

Bri Olson said...

When my little guy was losing weight, the doctor suggested Nutella spread. It is hazelnut and yummy. He lived on it for a short time and then started to branch out in his eating habits.

trishthefish said...

Add ground chia seeds and flax seeds to any bread you make. They are both high in omega 3 fatty acids and protein. I don't usually measure but maybe 1/4 C of each? Good luck!

Kelsey said...

I haven't tried this... but it's whole wheat bread with Silken Tofu added. mmm.. I Love the flax seed idea, and you could add extra stuff to this like Sour Creme or something, make it ooey-gooey bread.

Shaylee said...

Look at this cute BIG boy!! i miss these kids. Good thing i can keep up with your blog. Love you guys! And miss you tons! :)