Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking Good?

Sometimes I will meet someone and through that usual get to know you banter, it will come up that I have triplets.  I sometimes get this response,  "You don't LOOK like you had/have triplets!"

I'm never quite sure how to take that.  Is it a compliment?  A gut reaction to, well, my gut? The fact that it's still not the size of a classroom globe despite my babies being almost two years old?  I'm never quite sure.

I suppose they expect me to look disheveled and world weary.  My hair should be askew and out of place.  Stains on a t-shirt that does not fit me.  But when I find myself in these conversations, it's usually because I am somewhere on purpose with other adults, so I had time to do my hair, put on a clean shirt, etc.

However, today.  If these people could have seen me this day, I think I looked a little closer to what they have in mind the mother of a trio of toddlers might look like.  I was absolutely disheveled.  My hair was reminiscent of when a sister of mine used to call me Medusa.  The clothes I changed into were not pajamas, but I would have been comfortable in them if I curled up for an afternoon nap today.  Which I didn't.  Because for some reason, everyone decided that a nap was not important today.  Everyone but mom.  My vote gets outweighed easily.   I also had a matching household and attitude to go with my look.  Disheveled.

But it's quiet now, and the dinner dishes are done, thanks to a compassionate husband who took pity on his commoner wife.  My busy, little people are asleep and it's actually acceptable to wear real pajamas at this hour.  Tomorrow will be a different day.



michael. mindy. dane. said...

in the summer, that was the story of my life, yo. stay in your pj's as long as you'd like!

and i'm positive that people say it because of your hot bod. that sounded either creepy or sarcastic, but it was meant as neither. you look great. my belly housed one child and it's twice the size of yours. you are a petite gal, and i guess people expect 3 kids to come from a non-petite gal. but now i'm feeling weird because i'm not sure if this question was rhetorical or if you were truly wondering. and now i just sound like an idiot. so i'm done.

michelle grange said...

lol to "commoner wife." there's many a day that i look the same way and the house looks like a tornado just hit. you are not alone my friend! i can't wait to finally see you so i can compliment your bod too. :)