Monday, October 17, 2011

New Old Plan and a Walk

I'm sure most of you woke up and the first thing on your mind was how my no-pile-new-plan-hyphenated-life was going.

Well, I will sum up for you: semi-failure.

It was a failure because nothing drastically changed the way piles crop up around this place.  But, I did seem to get a small handle on laundry.  I'm counting that.  Also, my no-pile plan turned out to be waaay more therapeutic than I ever would have anticipated!  I feel like I've gone through a couple couch sessions.  You should bookmark this page.  Because there is good stuff here.  Good stuff.

Thanks to my mom for this comment:

 MrsD said...

Do you think "piling" is an inherited trait?
October 13, 2011 9:55 PM
Hmmm. Maybe it is mom. Maybe it is. Thanks.  (Thanks as in, thanks for the insight.  Not a sarcastic, "thanks for the lousy trait mooom.")

Also, this one from Kelsey was a real brain check, she should pretty much be on Dr. Phil as a guest contributor: 

 Kelsey said...
May I suggest you be a bit more lenient? It's not the size of the pile that should upset you, but the duration of time it has existed. Daily piles are just a sign of industriousness. It's not until the pile becomes a permanent part of the home that you should begin to loathe its existence.
Sincerely, The Keeper of Many Piles
October 15, 2011 12:57 PM
All I can say is true dat lady. True dat.  So maybe I have a bunch of piles sometimes.  Sometimes I don't have any. I'm ok with that.

I also had one offer for the laundress position.  Annnd, you're hired Abby.  How does a dollar and hour sound?  Your benefits and compensation of our companionship will far outweigh the small paycheck. I've also been inspired to give a video tour of the play room.  There is some serious logistics that have gone on around this house in light of having three, curious little souls.

We really like to go on walks.  Sunny really likes her blue croc shoes.  They like to tell me stories. We like to find the pretend owl in our neighbor's tree. We like to have our snack on the porch sometimes.  They all really like to drink from mom's bottles she uses for long runs. (Good thing the belt came with three!)   They really like freeze dried fruit from Costco.  I think it's so-so.  Do I always eat their snacks?  You bet your last pile I do.


Kelsey said...


Karen said...

Oh my gosh, can I eat your kids?? They look so yummy!! this might be the strangest comment you've gotten about them but they are so cute sipping their little yellow water bottles. Love it!

MrsD said...

I LOVE the pictures, love, love , love them! (and the kids in them too!) Your pictures prove that stressing over piles is pointless. You are on the Lords' errand, and doing it well!

Steve Galley said...

Really smart people like college professors and genius scientists dorks have piles of stuff everywhere. Go ahead and pile on.