Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When I found out I was having triplets, I thought, "Hooray!  Little workers to do chores for me."  I'm glad they are finally of age to start pitching in around here.

We have LOVED this extended gift of fall weather.  When there is no snow in the valley after Thanksgiving, that is something to be thankful for.  At least for this non-skiing/non-snowboarding/don't-have-enough-snowsuits-or-boots-for-the-crew-yet family.  (I like to leave you with a sentence that has no structural integrity whatsoever.  It's my rebel side coming through.)

**Also, for the record, the fence was like that before we moved in.  My kids are crazy, but not that crazy.


Unknown said...

I love this SO much! Their little hats get me every time, just so cute! I love that Gabe is pulling the load and Christian and Sunny are playing in the leaves. He looks so determined to rake those leaves. Love it. Love you! Can't wait for Christmas Break.

Lydia said...


Carrie said...

ha. i didn't even notice the fence. but then of course i had to go back to check it out.

i'm so jealous of your yard crew!

kara said...

@Jenna, we miss you already! I wish being a full-time nanny earned you the same college degree you're getting there. Maybe you can ask a counselor about that. We'll pay in hugs and story time.

@Lydia, it is! It really is.

@Carrie, do you want to hire us? It will cost you triple what you would pay a landscaping company and we would probably get in done in triple the time, or not at all. That's how we roll. Let me know!

Hamblin Family said...

Kara your family is too cute! So glad to see that you are putting them to work so young. I waited to long and now mine complain every time I ask them to do something:) Hope you guys have a great holiday season. Oh, I need you to email me your new address so I can send a Christmas card.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

send them to my house! we have plenty of leaves to rake up.

i love fall. but once thanksgiving is over, the snow should be here! you'd better believe i've been hoping for it.

kara said...

@Amy, look for my email! Thanks for including us in your card send out.

@Mindy, sometimes I think I don't even know you! Hoping for snow? I'll send you our rate sheet. We will also take payment in fruit snacks and teddy grahams.

MrsD said...

Love the pictures!! Too bad there isnt a Trafalga to bribe them with.