Saturday, January 21, 2012


Between Christmas and a birthday, my kids play room is full of some really, fun stuff.  

A play kitchen from Grandma D,  a play tool bench from Gramma Linda, tractors and backhoes from Uncle Matt and Aunt Annie, (Christian actually calls his John Deere tractor "MattAnnie") a bunch of baby doll stuff, pretend food, pretend pots, we are stocked up.  Consequently, we do a lot of pretending around here.  

I've gotten into this.  I'm doing some pretending of my own.    

I haven't replaced the products I usually do my hair with in w-e-e-k-s.  (Does that make it seem longer?)  So I'm pretending this hair I've got going lately is a vogue, just out of bed, hit the Paris runway look.  You know, messy and sexy.  Is that in?  I'm pretending it is.  

My floor needed to be washed the other day.  I swept thoroughly.  Moved all the chairs into the other room.  30 minutes later, being distracted by something much more pressing than washing the floor (pick ANYTHING else) I pretended it looked great.  I did sweep quite thoroughly.

Sometimes my to-do list is really long and boring.  Not to mention overwhelming and sometimes downright exhausting to even think about.  So, I pretend that catching up on Words With Friends counts as checking something off my list.  (Shauna, I'm playing again. I promise I won't go two weeks before my next turn.)  

It's been 50 degrees more than once in the past little while.  I live in Northern Utah.  It's January.  This is somewhat of an anomaly.  I'm pretending that spring is, like, next week!  Even though its snowing right now.  That's the fun part about pretending.  

I think that's why I like playing kitchen with the kidlets so much.  Plus, their french fry, egg, croissant stew they make is delicious!


michael. mindy. dane. said...

love it. love these pictures. very cute.

Caitlin said...

oh man, pretending is the ONLY way we can get thru life man!! okay, waaaay too cute!!! :)

PS- i'll totally credit u when the hair craze hits the Vogue and runways :)
PPS- i'm sure nobody but u notices it either, pretty mamma :)