Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Number one from this list.

20 Random Facts About Me

#1. I love pizza.   Be it homemade, frozen, Little Ceasar's, overpriced pizzeria pizza, I love it all.

#2. I read blog posts, then come back later to comment.

#3. I was insecure about my looks for 15 years.  It wasn't until I got married that I got over this.  But I'm kind of grateful for the struggle with my looks, because I developed confidence in other parts of my life.

#4. Sometimes I wish I lived in the days where women wore big dresses, rode in carriages and went to the neighbor's country estate for a ball.

#5. I love the Sunday paper.  I always read the comics first, the the opinion section, then the local section, then the front page section, then everything else if I can get to it.  I always thumb through the ads and coupons.

#6. I wish I was more laid back about some things.  Like which is the faster route to point x when I'm driving with Chris.  Or Scrabble rules.  Almost became a single woman over a game of Scrabble one night.

#7. I am a water snob.  I can taste city tap water and I don't like it.  At all.  Give me gallons of reverse osmosis water sitting in my fridge and I'm a happy drinker.  Water is also my favorite drink.

#8. I am a terrible housekeeper, but love it when my house is clean.

#9. If we have a boy, I want to name him Atticus, after a favorite literary character.  I also like the name Henry.  But due to being married and believing in giving my partner an equal say, neither of these scenarios will happen.

#10. The Harry Potter series is one of my favorite book series of all time.

#11. I spend too much time on social media.  I'm working on it though.  One step was erasing settings that notified me every time someone sneezed or took a picture of their lunch.

#12. Someday, I want to live by the beach.  And have a little farm.  And live blocks away from a great neighborhood deli, library and a town square.  All at once.

#13. I went to my neighborhood caucus last week, not knowing what to expect, wanting to be more involved with my community and also being completely disappointed in recent state legislation and the ruling majority.  Somehow I left the meeting as a delegate.

#14.  I'm not one of those women that loooooove being pregnant.  I do like the fact that I am pregnant though.  Let's be clear.

#15. I love running so much.  I can't wait to work up to and map out a training plan for some race I've never done.  Logging 10 plus miles for the day gets me giddy.

#16. I melt in the sun.  Due to my coloring and complexion, a super hot sunny day is not my favorite.  I would be very happy living in the northwest.  I love overcast days.

#17. I don't like to drive.  I also hate pumping gas.  When I dream about being a millionaire (come on, who doesn't?) hiring a driver is part of the fantasy.

#18. I like spinach and lots of other green vegetables.  Vegetables of all colors and shapes actually.  I'm trying to think of a vegetable I've met that I haven't liked...  I think I could be a vegetarian but would miss In n Out burgers and Rumbi Grill burgers too much. (Oh the grilled pineapple on that double burger!)  But I couldn't be a vegan.  Too much work.

#19. I'm finally giving myself permission to say I'm a writer.  Someday, when I have an ISBN number in the Library of Congress, I'll call myself an author.

#20. Three favorite junk foods, ready, GO: Doritos in the purple bag, moose tracks ice cream and raspberry flavored Mambas.  This is not an absolute list, just a top of mind list.


Staci said...

Have you watched downton abbey? If not, it's a total time waster but worth it. I dream about living in that time. The first season is on netflix, then I was so addicted I bought the 2nd on iTunes.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

loved it!

agreed on atticus. maybe we should have married each other and let michael and chris...okay wait. this is going the wrong direction.

most of these were new info to me. see what i mean about not enough chit-chattiness?

i will move to the beach and be your neighbor. that is one of my lifelong dreams.

Shauna said...

#17-It has been a dream of mine for years! What is wrong with the name Henry? :) I admire your confidence to go against the norm( hence a delegate for the "heathen(sp))" party of our state) and so excited for your first published book!

MrsD said...

I wish I was as confident and strong as you are. Working on it!

MrsD said...

I wish I was as confident and strong as you are. Working on it!

Kelsey said...

I didn't know the Independent Party had delegates. ;)

Kamal and Amber said...

I love reading all of the "30" posts. Keep going!