Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Schedule During My First Trimester OR My Kids Like Cheerios

Remember this post last year about our daily schedule?

I thought I would give an update on how things are looking lately.

From late November to February (aka my first 15 weeks of being with child) our schedule went something like this:

Early morning:  Chris gets up with kids while I either
        a) moaned and groaned in bed, calling for "crakers! can you bring me a few crackers!"
        b) hit up the bathroom for a good old fashion morning heaving session
        c) took 30 minutes to do what I can usually do in 4
Chris is really good to me.

Morning through late afternoon:  I would alternate between the couch, our reading chair or my bed while the little ones ran amuck (amuck! amuck! amuck!), took a nap, brought me books to read to them or watched a show.  I would of course manage to feed and (sometimes) dress them at some point during the day.

If nothing else, this second pregnancy has introduced my first borns to cold cereal and the wonders of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They love both.

Early evening:  Chris comes home (HALLELUJAH!) to a wife still in her pajamas, kids happy to play with someone who actually moves from time to time and cold cereal for dinner.  (Chris is really good to me.)

6:30 - 7:30 : bedtime routine.  Bath, play with daddy while mommy continues her routine of laying around.

Then I would be asleep before Conan even started most nights.

Of course there were things to go and do.  We spent time during this phase doing holiday things.  Like going to a New Year's Eve party that ended at 8:00 pm.  (That was awesome.  I had a good 2 hours of sleep before being awoken by the bombardment of fireworks.)

I had to pretend I felt great and was not pregnant since we weren't telling anyone yet.

See?  Don't I look like the opposite of wanting to lay down and close my eyes?  And my big scarf disguising my already protruding midsection.  (Love that scarf Margaret!)  Let's not forget to admire my handsome hero.  The real cogs of our ticking clock during this season of sickness.

Christian wanted to make sure the dog was having a fun party as well.  

Being past that first trimester phase feels good.  I feel like a normal person again.  I can play "run" with my kids again.  (It's pretty complicated.  We just run around the play room in circles for an unspecified amount of time.)

We have a regular routine again that consists of mom actually getting dressed AND making dinner.  So now that I'm here, in phase two, my energies can be spent on other things.  

Like wondering how it happened that I thought our mini van was the biggest car in the world, but add another car seat, and we are FULL UP.  

Which is ok.  Because so is my cup.  

Up next... or at some future post: the current schedule sans morning all day sickness.  All the mundane details you can handle.

ps - if you could not tell Chris I have been feeling waaaay better in the mornings, that would be great.  He still gets the kids moving and set up for breakfast while I snag a few extra minutes in the morning.

pps - ok, you don't have to lie for me.  If it comes up, I understand.  But try not to sway your conversation toward our morning routine.

ppss - I'm kidding.

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Tina said...

Say what?! Someone else knows how to play "run"???? No kidding? Sometimes our daily games of "run" get really western when yelling is added to the mix, now that is complicated! :)