Monday, March 5, 2012

Dancing, Wrestling and (not really) Folding Clothes

Sifting through pictures today, I came across this little gem from a few weeks ago...

Sunny was having a particularly hard afternoon, and did not want to sit in her seat while I was getting lunch ready.  She (loudly) let everyone know.  

Apparently, Gabe had enough of the crying.  I laughed so hard when I turned around and saw his little hands over his ears and Sunshine's face so..distraught.  Thank goodness I had my phone on the counter so I could capture this moment.   I had an aunt tell me recently that documenting tantrums for future "yes you did" moments was not a bad idea.

But, like God intended, there is opposition in all things.  Like today, when I turned on some music and attempted to fold the unconquerable mountain of laundry on my couch, my kids came in and started dancing.  

Sunny and Christian were shaking and bobbing their tiny little bums to some Zac Brown Band song.  Gabe was in the corner with one of his trucks.  I asked if he wanted to come dance with his brother and sister.

He popped up, ran over and wrapped his arms around Sunny and started swaying with her.  She laughed with delight.  So for the next couple minutes, they would wrap up and sway until they fell down, then hop up and do it again.  It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  (Of course I didn't capture this moment.  I've been plotting how I can re-create it ever since.)

Christian decided whatever they were doing looked fun.  So the boys took their turn "dancing," which somehow turned into tackling one another.  Sunny kept dancing solo, bending her tiny knees and bouncing up and down while her brothers wrestled near her feet.      

I didn't finish the laundry.  In fact, some days I'm glad it's not my top priority. (Ok, let's be honest, it's NEVER my top priority.)  My three monkeys dancing and wrestling with each other was something that I needed to take in and remember.  Every second of it.  The laundry will always be there.  They, however, will not be 2 years and 2 months forever.  

Time ticks so fast.  I would rather fill my memory with these moments than the harried worry of laundry piles on my couch.  Which, consequently, are still there.  

Maybe we'll have another dance and fold party tomorrow.  I'll be sure to have the camera handy this time.    


Galley's said...

Good choice! Laundry will wait- moments like those won't.

The Richards family said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am so afraid I have missed out on way to many of those moments because I am to worried about what needs to be done. I am so glad you share your moments and reminded me today!

Steve Galley said...

I get really tired when I read your blog...