Monday, May 21, 2012

Let Me Sum Up

If you're visiting my little web log from seeing us on Good Things Utah, welcome!  I enjoy this space of writing about my triumphs and failures as a woman, wife and mother.  I hope you'll visit again.  Feel free to look around via the "stuff I've said" button to the left.  I know lurking happens.  I'm ok with that.  But I also love new visitors and comments, so don't be shy!

Also, if you're a "regular," thank you for giving me the continued encouragement to record my adventures.  This blog has been a tremendous outlet for me to celebrate, rehash, vent, question and document my daily goings on.

I've put together a little laundry list of posts that might seem relevant to why I was on the show today.

Announcing my triplet pregnancy on the blog.
Little bit about our journey from infertility to three little heart beats.
The babies arrive at 28 weeks.
The NICU was (really) hard.  I didn't write much while we were there.
But we did have a few happy times.
In case you're wondering about dad.  He's kind of amazing. 
First trip to the doctor with all three.
Knee deep in triplet life. 
One of my more important posts about conceiving and bearing triplets.
What our schedule looked like around 15 months old. (I miss 2 naps a day!)
Announcing pregnancy #2 and baby #4 on the blog.
Another schedule post when kids are 2 and mom is in 1st trimester with baby #2.
A bad day on record.
Two years later, I can write about my feelings during our NICU stint.
A typical morning these days.

Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Donations for my Dreyer's Fruit Bar fund?  I welcome it all.  Thanks again for stopping by.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

i am new from good things utah.


i dreamed all night last night that you wanted me to come to the show with you, go on first so your kids could color in the back room (they were all wearing khaki and brown overalls) and you wouldn't tell me what to say. you wanted me to "get things going" and i was at a loss for words. i decided to take the boys (your boys) with me show how they play with dane's piano table toy.


can't wait to watch the segment. the never-ending-school-day is keeping me from it

Alissa said...

Where did you get the darling maxi dress you had on good things utah? so cute. love the blog! thanks!!

Karen said...

Kara, I just have to say I love you! I love your blog! I love your thoughts and I love your family! Thank you for making me a better person. You're the best!!!!! Do you wanna move to Coeur D'alene???? Please???

kara said...

@mindy, I don't even know what to say! Except I wish I had some khaki and brown overalls to make all your wildest dreams come true!

kara said...

@Alissa, thanks so much! We're kind of high rollers with where we shop. My orange dress is a $10 special from Ross and Sunny's little dress is from Old Navy. Thanks for stopping by!

kara said...

@Karen, you KNOW it would be a dream come true for me if we were neighbors. Wish I would've relished a few more moments with you in good old PA when we had the chance!

Shauna said...

You were awesome!