Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Post That Has No Point

34 weeks friends.  I'm happy to be here.  But good gravy am I exhausted.

I had someone ask me a few months ago when I was due.  I told them July.

"July!  That's going to be hot.  And you already have triplets?!?  Man, you didn't plan that one very well did you?"

Yes my tactful stranger friend, we didn't.  In fact Costco checker, you know that aisle in the store that says "Family Planning?" That's never really applied or made sense to us, for a myriad of reasons.  We've never really planned any of this.  Would you like me to walk you through our IUI procedure or the four years of never really using the family planning aisle that led us to the IUI?  No?  Yes, I would like a box, thank you.

I never said any of those things.  Most of the time I just smile and nod my head.  Have you ever said something you regret to a pregnant lady?  I'm sure I have.  What about asking someone when they were due and their answer was they aren't pregnant?  Guilty.  Fortunately that's only a one time mistake.  You never forget the horror in you heart when you discover your folly.  Yikes.

I really want to cut my hair.  I was going through some pictures the other day and realized how much happier I am with short hair.  (At least this is going to be my argument to my long-hair-loving-husband.)

Take a look at these pictures and judge for yourself:

Short haired Kara.  See?  Doesn't she look happy and content with life?  It probably took her 4.5 minutes to throw together that short, curly do.  Maybe that's why she's so happy?  She has so much more time on her hands!  It probably averages out to hours and hours in her week!  (Truth: my hair is pulled up in a pony tail most days, I never do it.  But remember, I'm trying to establish a legitimate argument here.)

Long haired Kara.  Wow.  She does NOT look happy with long hair right now.  She looks down right morose.  She probably has this look on her face all day, her hair just weighing down the rest of her features.  It's probably causing those blemishes too.  Poor thing.  I hope she finds her way.  (Side note: I CANNOT believe I'm actually publishing this photo.  But it makes me laugh, what can I say?)

And since I can't leave you with the above image in your head, a little Photo Booth fun with my boys.  

Anyone else having a hair dilemma at the moment?  And speaking of hair, go look at Steph's blog.  She lost her hair during chemo and it has started to grow back in.  She is over wearing hats (I don't blame her) and I think her current, super short look she has going right now is so beautiful!  I wouldn't be able to look that good because she has that "I beat cancer" glow.  Her fighting ways and love of life just kind of shines through her soul.

Speaking of Steph, (this is a really strange tangent post!) I was supposed to run Ragnar with her this year.  She ran.  I stayed home and kept growing my baby.  I sure did miss those beautiful mountains, the no sleep, the 3 am run and miles and miles of memories.  (Well, the mountains and memories are nice.)

Next time.

Also, here is what 34 weeks looks like via Photo Booth.  I know most of you come here for the high quality photos I post.  And yes, I do have one lone turtle on my bedroom wall.  He's means a lot to me though.

Someone asked me today if I had twins in there.  REALLY? I don't look that big do I?  Do other people get as many crazy remarks as I do?  I can't be the only one, right?


erika @ life unfluffed said...

Your belly is amazing. I love it.
Congrats on 34 weeks! You're getting so close!

Also, your hair rocks both ways.

Karen said...

Hahaha, I'm giggling out loud right now picturing your long haired picture in my head. Sorry the last pictures are cute but I'm still picturing your uphappy long haired self. So when I was 32 weeks with hunter I was with haylee at story hr. Some dude, yes a dumb man said wow, you are about to pop any day now huh? Uh, ya Bud! In two whole freaking months I'll just pop this baby right out. Oh my gosh, haven't we all learned by now say nothing but you look amazing and beautiful!! So Kara, you look amazing and beautiful at 34 weeks. But seriously you really do. :) I can't even tell you how excited I am to see picture of the new little one. How many yummy kisses is that baby going to have everyday by excited older siblings? What a special little spirit you have coming your way!!! Good luck

Kristin Hackman said...

Oh the verbal vomit comments.

I find myself saying them or WANTING to say them - so I have been trying to extend those commenters grace...

BUT to the people at Gymboree yesterday- the moms that watched me sweat, while straddling three 18 mo old crazy kids while losing one to the big kid class and then having one have an emotional break down while mom left his side to snag sister out of the big kid class...

and looked at me with horror and commented on "how do you do it?" and offered NO help while watching your ONE quiet and sitting in one spot calm child bang a drum -

Use your head. God gave you one - either shut up or help! (Wow, sorry for ranting on your blog -- you inspired me with your awesome snapshot of your long hair to just let it out!)

PS, I like your long red hair...but I know, mines up everyday too..

Shauna said...

I thought I had exclusive rights in the hair complaint department! You look beautiful either way:)

Galley's said...

Thanks for you sweet words! We did miss you on Ragnar. It's just not the same without you! I think you should cut it- but I am biased right now. It is a lot cooler. :)

Kattrina said...

I got the twin comments already too - and I'm only at 29 weeks. Ok, so I do look huge but only my belly. My legs are still little. I look like I'm gonna fall over. Someone told me they were scared about how large I was going to be when I was 9 months because I was so large already. Umm, rude! I think you look great!

Abby said...

oh Kara I love and miss you! I am 31 weeks (water broke at 32) so I have almost passed the mark too. I can't believe were having babies again after what we went through in the NICU. But it is such a blessing, pregnancy. I too have hair that is in a greasy ponytail each day, well I don't know if yours is greasy but mine sure is. We have too much in common to see each other 2x a year!

I am rather LARGE and have yet to be asked if it's twins, but every week I get.."August! Your going to be HOT" and all the other variations that go with it. I don't really care when the baby comes as long as he is FULL TERM. I'll take hot July as at least I have an excuse to get out of things I don't want to do. "Oh sorry it's too hot and NONE of my shoes will fit these swollen feet!"

Carrie said...

you definitely do NOT look like you are having twins! but if you ever get that comment again (because we know there are a lot of those people out there...) please promise me that you'll happily reply, "nope! actually it's triplets again!" because that would make my day. you look great and i'm so excited to see your baby!