Friday, June 29, 2012

Snapshots of our Summer (so far)

Are you ready for a photo smorgasbord? A picture pile?  This is a little peak at our summer so far.

 My boys love playing with the water.  It makes me happy when they need a good bath at the end of the day.
We welcomed our new baby cousin a few weeks ago.  Fun to see a little preview of what is in store for us soon.   

 Still lots of fire truck love in our life.  Gabe's not upset.  That's his serious, I'm putting out fires, look.

Trying to vicariously live through Grandma D's facebook updates about her trip to Europe.  Cheerio mum.  We miss you!

 Sorting clothes for the new season and the new baby.  Gabe is rocking that girl's winter hat.

 Throwing giant tantrums over Otter Pops that melt too quickly.  Wow.  I just had to document this one.  If Sunny tells you the world is ending, chances are her pink Otter Pop just snapped in half.  

 Playing with cousins on the tramp!

 Snacks outside with Grandma Linda.  My kids have a lot of wonderful grandmas in their life.

 Trying to enjoy watermelon.  Except when you cut it open and it looks like this.  What the heck Maceys?  

 More fun with cousins.

 Watching the Pleasant Grove parade.  Terrified.  Fire trucks are fun until you see them with lights and sirens, 15 feet away.  Then, not so much.

 Playing with daddy after work.  Pumping up a well-loved ball!

 Trying to be smart about craving a candy bar at 9:30 at night.  Solution: Honey Nut Chex cereal with chocolate syrup.  Hit the spot!

 Garbage truck watching.  We really n,.eed to meet a sanitation worker one day.  He or she would  be a hero around here.

 Braving dinner out with the fam.  We've been out out to eat at a sit down restaurant a total of 4 times since the kids were born.  We were celebrating seeing a big, healthy, kicking baby at my 35 week ultrasound.  

When I say big, I mean it.  The estimates from the sonographer is that the baby is around 7 pounds.  SEVEN pounds.  The kids were 3 months old before they were 7 pounds.  This one is yet to be born!  I teared up.  I was suddenly overcome with gratitude.

I am going to be having a big, healthy baby.  Remember my post about not being able to erase the images of my tiny, sick babies?  I think this helped a little.  It was a nice reality check.  I won't have to worry about causing a brain bleed from lifting her legs too high when I change a diaper.  I can hold him whenever I want.  She will actually enjoy being held and touched.  (Notice the use of pronouns, STILL didn't find out what we are having!)

I also saw a little mouth moving--more tears.  There is this suck, swallow, breath reflex that babies develop in utero.  The trio never did and it caused serious distress for all 4 of us while they were learning how to eat.  But this one will arrive with that!  It was a happy little afternoon.

So that's been some of our summer goings on.  Also, it's hot.  I'm out of Dreyer's fruit bars.  Speaking of disasters,  the state of Utah is literally up in flames.  (I have two brothers fighting these fires.)

And soon, within weeks, I'm going to be hypnobirthing a chunky (in my book) little baby.

How is your summer so far?  



Karen said...

So the little cousin who is sitting in the blue jeep, I'm pretty sure is my little guy's twin! For about 3 1/2 seconds i really thought hunter slipped into one of your pictures!! I'm so excited you are going to enjoy one big healthy chunky baby!! They are so fun!

yettie said...

I'm emotional for you. It's amazing the little miracles and blessings in a singleton birth that parents who've never had multiples overlook. I'm looking forward to my singleton pregnancy too (whenever that comes along)

Shauna said...

I love this post, happiness all over the place! So excited to meet Gallagher numero four. ( I still think it is a boy:)

Mike/Margaret said...

Im going for a girl. The pictures are wonderful. It makes Grandma #3 wish she could get there sooner than October. Love to all of you.

Heidi said...

Best of luck and blessings for you and your family! What a grand time, summer and welcoming a new baby. So happy for you! We will be in UT for 8 weeks, hope to see you and have our 2-yr olds meet/play. Great pics!!

Heidi said...

Btw, changed our family blog, so check out this for us:

Unknown said...

I loved all the adorable pictures. Congratulations on 7 pounds and counting. Your new cousin is adorable. Have a wonderful week!

: 0 ) Theresa

Kristin Hackman said...

Love seeing other trips in action :) I can't wait to see their expressions w/ #4!

So happy that you got to see your BIG baby -- I totally get the mention of the little things in pregnancy that matter...I remember pleading with God that our babies would be born with the suck and swallow ability. God is so good to bless you with this little miracle now.

So, I'm nosy - but what does hypnobirthing entail? I read one of your posts, but wondering what actually happens? Is it meant to help thoughts leading up to delivery - or the actual process? Yep, I am nosy...

maxfamclan said...

I love your descriptions, very sweet. You have a heart that is wonderful, and it's so nice of you to share it! I am excited for you to experience life with a baby in a little different way. What a sweet post. Go You! And good luck with Hypnobirthing too!!!!