Saturday, August 25, 2012

She'll Be Back

Hi Readers.

Kara's blog here.  Where is that dang red head?  She's been MIA for weeks.  I know she had a new baby and all, but come on, one starts to feel neglected after a while.  So I thought I would put up a post in her behalf.

I know she wants to start blogging again in earnest.  I also know she has been a nut case and dealing with post-partum hormones.  I think she was afraid most of her posts would be labeled as the ranting, semi-crazy type.  Probably the reason she's stayed away.

I can tell you this new baby in the house is a tiny little ball of darling.  She is always snuggling and smelling his tiny head and rubbing all that hair!  She is also very busy trying to keep him safe from all the love his 3 siblings have been bestowing on him.  A lot of kisses of the smothering variety need to be shooed away.  She doesn't mind though.  She'd rather be shooing kisses than pokes and prods.

If you run with the Instagram crowd, you can keep tabs with this crazy family here.  It's the kind of micro blogging she has time for.

If not, I found a few memories from the past few weeks...

Also, on a completely selfish note, I would REALLY like a makeover.  So if you know anyone who speaks html or would like to help me pretty up...let me know!  Buttons, colors, you know a new look.

And maybe tell the original author of this blog that you miss her.  I think she would appreciate it.


Callister said...

I know I for one have missed your funny, thought provoking, witty, darling, etc. etc. posts! But I am patient. I understand that you have your hands full. No pressure. Just know that when you do start posting on a regular basis, I will be one happy reader.

Lydia said...

MIss you!! But hope you're getting lots of rest and plenty of happy times =) He is so precious

Shauna said...

I miss the posts, LOVE the pictures...especially the giant man baby with the S-Train!

Kristin Hackman said...

I miss you Kara!!! I know you are doing a way more important job than sending energy out to the internet - you just take care of you and that family - they are SO beautiful. That little boy is so so loved by such a sweet circle of siblings ;)

Mike/Margaret said...

We have all missed you. I will be there soon to help. Give all of the babies, big and little, hugs and kisses from Grandma.

Kelsey said...

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

Sargent Family said...

Congrats on the new addition! Hope all is going well, I think about you often and admire how you hold it all together.
You're a great mommy, this newborn stage will too pass.

MrsD said...

Check out "Cutest
blog on the Block" its a sight for blog design. Looks fun, but could be too "cutesy" And yes, you are missed!