Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Been a Week?

We are a week into this newborn and three toddlers thing.  Things have been going great.  Especially since I've never really been alone with everyone.  I'm grateful for all the extra help and food we've been given over the last week or so.  (Also, whoever cleaned my kitchen window above the sink, THANK YOU! I never noticed how bad it was until I could actually see out of it.)

Things are going to get interesting.  But for now, we've all kind of enjoyed our little bubble of help and no plans to go anywhere.  What great timing to have the Olympics, right?  

So I will leave you with a few lovely snap shots and an ode to the Summer Games; a post I wrote 4 years ago during Phelps' 8 gold craziness and the Olympic fever I caught.

One of the many fun things my kids did while we were in the hospital with baby Spencer: trip to Heber with ALL the cousins!

Seriously, so in love with this little face.  Asleep or awake.  


Karen said...

Oh I hope you are enjoying having your sweet newborn home with you, and in your arms! Despite all the craziness with your body and with toddlers :) and you are a genius for having a baby during the Olympics! Seriously genius. I love this idea. Ok.... You can expect the next Teuscher baby rio 2016

Kristin Hackman said...

Holy Moly he is gorgeous!!! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying it all !! Prayers for all the new transitions!! What a blessing...a blessing with lots of work...but a BLESSING!!! Congrats!

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