Saturday, June 7, 2008

Downtown Pittsburgh

I think your soul needs alone time every now and then. It needs time to remember what makes it whole and feel the most at peace. Today, on a hot Saturday afternoon, I was in downtown Pittsburgh. I wandered into a poetry reading (which was song after song of word bliss...). Then I wandered around the corner and found some urban art. On a typical questionaire where it asks for your hobbies, I don't usually list wandering around downtowns and looking for urban art. I don't even put poetry readings for that matter. But, today, my soul was happy. Some moments you wish others were with you to share and see what you see. Some moments you are elated to be with just you.

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LoRFLoR said...

What are you doing in Pitts?! I agree with your thoughts here! I am so happy you are blogging!