Friday, January 9, 2009

A Reinbeer Christmas Party

This is a tale of the IBC Reinbeer Family Christmas party. All of the root-reinbeer children decided they wanted to have a party.

"We should have a Christmas party!"

Of course they needed their parent's permission.

"Hey Momma Sprite! Can we have a party with all of our family and friends?"
"Well children, I think that would be okay...but we'll have to clear it with your father."

"Dear, all the children would like to have a Christmas party. Is that alright with you?"
"Well, I don't see why not! Ho ho ho!"

Poppa Barq and Momma Sprite told the children the good news. They were all really excited.

"Yea! We're excited!"

Techy Reinbeer was best on the computer, so he was in charge of sending out e-vites to all their friends and family. The rest of the family got busy with other party preparations.

Wrappy Reinbeer helped wrap presents for the white elephant gift exchange. Man that silly straw will sure make someone laugh. A straw!

Decky Reinbeer helped dad trim the tree. They wanted everything to look just right.

Dishy Reinbeer helped get the kitchen clean and all the dishes washed so the guests would have plenty of room to fill their plates with delicious food.

Looky Reinbeer hoped it wouldn't snow too much the day of the party. The snow was really coming down. They were especially worried about the walkway up to their house since no one had any arms, therefore, shoveling would be done ineffectively.

Finally, the day of the party!

All the food looked delicious! They couldn't wait for all the guests to arrive.

"Wow! All this food looks delicious. I can't wait for the guests to arrive!"

Cousin Lemon was the first to arrive.

Aunt Pineapple came! She always has such fascinating hair styles.

"Hi Grandpa Milk! You made it! We're so happy you came! Yea."

Grandpa Milk was happy he came too.

"Hey! Cool Cousin Banana! Did you bring your jeep? Can you take us on a ride? You're the coolest!"

"Uncle J.B.! You always have so many stories. Forty-nine in fact. Don't tell the story of the black licorice, no one really likes that one."

"Neighbor Squash! We didn't think you came out at Christmas time. We mostly see you during the fall harvest."

It was a great party. Everyone really was having a great time.

The food was delicious.

"Faster Cool Cousin Banana! You're the coolest!"

("Psst, hey who invited Dr. Crentist?")

Everyone was having a really great time. The white elephant gift exchange was a big hit. Everyone laughed at the straws.

Picky Reinbeer could not get enough of the pickles.

The party was a blast. Little did everyone know that their fun party was about to be interrupted...

Accounts vary of how exactly the party was tragically crashed. Some say it was the e-vites. Party hackers. Others say it was the loud noise and merriment that attracted the...


How could this have happened? The Reinbeer's party was quickly turning into the Reinbeer travesty. Maybe it would have been okay if it had just been the baby. But the baby brought company. What was once an afternoon of merriment and festivities turned into a nightmare of mayhem and disaster.

Oh the humanity!

Oh the irony of the silly white elephant gift! No longer funny. Now tragic and sad.

All the preparations, the invitations, the decorations. Only to come to this. A few Reinbeers and their guests did survive. (You know the squash made it through - babies don't know how to cook squash!) Yes, some lived to tell the tale of the most anticipated Christmas party gone awry because of a big giant baby and her gang of root beer guzzlers! Let this be a warning to all reinbeers out there. Beware of the giant party crashing baby. You never know when she might turn up!

This image is enough to make one shutter. The party atrocities committed by this baby and it's gang are almost unspeakable. But speak up you must. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this baby, please contact the soda pop police at 1-800-pop-pop-fizz-fizz.


Karen said...

Hahaha, Kara that was awesome. I was seriously glued to my computer screen as I was reading that post, just waiting for what was coming next. It was so much fun talking to you yesterday! I think you are so great and I miss our days of doing really nothing and just talking away. And I miss those yummy treats you always brought us. We actually have a friend here who everytime he comes over he brings us treats. We must have signs on our backs saying we will only be your friend if you bring treats.

Shauna said...

K Master K, that was AWESOME!!! Tears are rolling down my cheeks from extreme laughter. I loved Grandpa Milk and his smile:) I wonder what will happen next year...

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

That totally made my day in laughs! That was an awesome Christmas story, one we will be sharing with the children in years to come! I am glad to hear that only a few survived so that the tale of the root-beer reinbeers may live on!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

I think when mama Sprite was talking to Papa Barq she should have said, instead of "Dear," "Deer" or maybe "Beer." Loved the post!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! Oh my goodness I can't believe i waited so long to read your blog about christmas hahaha Love it!

Shauna said...

We just read this again as a family, laughs all around! I kept spying the one-eyed reinbeer! The boys think it was, "so, so funny!"