Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Brand New Me

I've had the same hair for nearly 7 years. Seven years people! How does one not go mad? Although he is always so sweet with his compliments of how much he loves my long hair, I blame my husband, the love of my life, for my hair style rut. Rut? No, more like giant gravel pit. Previous conversations have gone something like this:

K: I really want to cut my hair.

C: No baby, don't cut it. I love it. It's so long and pretty.

K: (Stare.)

C: (Gorgeous smile while stroking said hair.)

What would you do? Consequently, it's been long our entire relationship/marriage. So many of these conversations have happened since the 6 years we have been together. You can't imagine the fantasies I've had sitting in the stylist's chair for a "trim." Sometimes I've wanted to reach back and grab the scissors from her while she is carefully cutting off the standard inch and half every 6 months and just start hacking away. Can you imagine me wildly cutting at my own hair? CUT IT ALL! TAKE IT ALL OFF! YES! YES! THAT'S IT! HA HA HA HA! IT'S SHORT! GREAT GADZOOKS AYE CARUMBA! MY HAIR IS SHORT! But then I wake up from my day dream when she would ask, "Is that too much? Is that where you wanted it?" A smile, nod. Gracious thank you, it looks lovely. But still the same. The same. The same.

But finally, one fateful day, in a small Lehi Thai restaurant, it happened. I don't know if it was the perfect combination of massuman curry and the fact that the next day was a day of rest, the vernal equinox, the restaurant served Pepsi products instead of Coke, whatever it was...

K: I really want to cut my hair.

C: Ok! You should! Go for it.

K: (Stare.) What? Are you serious?

C: Yeah, what they heck? You caught me on a good day. (Laugh, wink.)

What would you do?

It wasn't the next day if you can believe it. I had to let it marinate. I went out of town for a few days. (Not because I was getting my hair cut. It was a trip that was already in the works.) When I got back, I had to drive Chris to his office building. He asked me why I hadn't cut my hair yet? Uh, I don't know. Seven years people! And I was stalling. He suggested I go right then. So I did. I had no appointment. I had no idea who was going to cut it, or where it was going to get cut. I just started driving and decided to let fate control those details.

I ended up at a salon in Orem on 8th South. It's called Platinum Studio. Everyone, go see Chelsea. She was amazing. I decided it was providence that I found her. She was the perfect person for the job.

Good bye long hair. We had a good run. It's nothing personal. I'm sure we'll see one another again.

Please forgive my self-indulgent "before" pictures. It's kind of a big deal all my hair is gone. I know, get over myself.

And now, I present to you, BRAND NEW GIRL!

I loved, loved it straight. I might even do it myself more often. Now that it won't take me 2 years to straighten.

Look at this lonely little pony tail! It looked so forgotten sitting on the counter. I didn't feel guilty though during my hair cut. The Cousin It like thing staring at me...what did I do? I'm sorry you were constantly needing to pull me back. Did I really create headaches some days? No, that is just a myth. Seriously, are we really done? What can I do? I CAN CHANGE!

Don't worry weird looking ponytail Cousin It thing. It's not you, it's me.

By the way, did you know "Locks of Love" isn't the only option when wanting to donate hair? My hair is going to weaved into some kind of mat and used to grow vegetation in countries that are suffering from drought. Who da thunk it? ps - Love of my life digs my new look.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

(As stated before via text) I LOVE IT!! SO cute. I love the straight, too! WAY 2 GO. (And I know how you feel. I, too, had long hair for as long as I did (which really wasn't that long) because of my husband). Feels great to go short, right?

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

I love it!!!!! You can pull off any hair cut/style! It looks GREAT!!!!!

Karen said...

So much fun!! I love changing my hair. You look great. I love it!!!!

Shauna said...

You look fabulous! I love it! But, you know it really doesn't matter if your hair were long, short, or gone you are always beautiful!

Kim said...

SUPER cute short hair! I love it both curly AND straight! You're lucky to have such versatility!

Anonymous said...


McNeil Family said...

Oh very cute hair! (We liked it both ways. In fact I was just lusting after those beautiful curls.) I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for the comment on ours, we'll check back often if that's ok with you? You are such a fun blogger to read!

Hamblin Family said...

Just out of curiosity where is your hair going? I have been wanting to donate and thought about Matter of Trust because the hair can be any length, but I am wondering if I should stick it out and let it grow the full 10 inches and donate somewhere that actually makes wigs.

Stephanie said...

Good work, Chelsea! It looks great, Kara. Especially straight. I love it!