Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 Months Part Deux

Our Little Miss. Sunny is 14 lbs 9 oz and 17.25 inches long. She is still rocking 3-6 month clothes and looks unnatural when she is standing up on something because she is so tiny! She is the fastest commando crawler I've ever seen. Despite my daily efforts on trying to get her on her knees (I promise all my OT friends, I'm trying!) she insists on scooting along like she is on a reconnaissance mission. When I do try and remind her to get on her knees by actually doing it for her, she patiently rests her head on the floor and waits until I will give up holding her little stems. Then when I do, she merrily goes on her way through the jungle. So true to her attitude she's had since BIRTH, she will do it when she is ready and not a second before.

Nos Chiquita Mono

She loves her daddy so much. The smile she gives him when he comes home from work makes her dad feel like the king of the castle. And it is only his special Sunshine smile. I am not jealous in the slightest, because I love seeing her dad too. I know exactly how she feels. She loves to talk and is fond of the da da sound (of course). Some of her favorite foods are bananas, applesauce, beets and most recently, black beans! Most of the other foods I have given her she has been less than enthusiastic. But she is polite and just sort of ignores the spoon when it comes around (but I always find a way in) instead of making faces like her brothers do with some things. She is such a little social bug and loves loves new faces and making a zipping crawl for the door whenever she hears it open with new guests.

Not so sure about the family Halloween Party.

Our little girl is no shrinking violet. I'm not worried one bit she will be lost between the shadows of two brothers. She has a strong voice, opinion and way of letting you know what she wants. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of how smart and stubborn she really is and sort of scares me. Sort of. But come what may. We already love it.


Carrie said...

hold up. 17 inches? like one - seven? are you serious? ten inches shorter than gabe!?!? i LOVE her monkey costume. abigail had the same one (except it had feet and wasn't stuffed) and although i thought she looked precious, it seemed to confuse people about her gender. if only we had thought to tie a pink ribbon around the ear! i love that she puts her head down while you try to help her. i read it three times and it only got funnier!

ps- i can't tell you how happy it makes me that you get to be a mother... and to such wonderful children too!

kara said...

Oops. Not 17.25 inches long. That's her head circumfrence. Or however you spell it. She's small, but not that small.

Stephanie said...

I love LOVE the picture of the two of you!

Shane said...

I LOVE that picture. looks like she is loungin'