Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fridge Bracket Absurdness Continues

Thanks everyone who voted in round one!

I regret a couple of things. I spelled mignon wrong. Also avocado. My husband who DOESN'T have a degree in English let me know this. Duh. Also, I told you to gather votes, but the poll only let you vote once. I'll see if I can correct that this time around. Sorry about that.

In honor of one of the choices (Cha-Cha vs Tango) I included a clip for you. My sister was in Dancing With the Stars, Southern Utah University Edition. She did the very sexy tango. You might watch it and be confused who is the amateur and who is the seasoned dancer. Jenna is the AMATEUR people! She was amazing!! The only dancer to get a perfect 10 from one of the judges. Because of this clip, obviously the tango is a higher seed than the cha-cha. It would be a pretty big upset if cha - cha won.

Enjoy, then vote!

Last round's winners:
Folding Laundry: 53% of vote
Camp: 61%
Cafe Rio Pork: 65%
Snowed In: 96% (make yourself known you ONE hold out for a flood...)
Filet Mignon:57% (sorry Carrie...)
West Coast: 76%
Hot Chocolate with Mallows: 80%


Carrie said...

my basketball maddness bracket has not been jimmered but my fridge absurdness bracket has definitely been mignoned.
and speaking of mignon, since mignon is not an english word, i don't think it should say anything about your proper english degree education. you should get a bye when it comes to french words.

Steve Galley said...

Funny stuff.
A question and a thought:
1) Who is the dorkus maximus who selected flood in the backyard? Hit that person in the face with a French steak.
2) And as for the French word thing, they (the French) really don't factor into anything of real significance (although they did help lob some missiles at the Libyan idiot--which was somewhat surprising.

Karen said...

Thanks for adding to the fun of march madness. As for hunter's stats. He went to the dr last week so I know them finally. He is 19 lbs and 26 inches. He has slowed down a bit on the growing charts. I thought he would for sure be at least 22 or 23 lbs but no such luck. His eating hasn't slowed down though. sheesh!!! He's crazy!