Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Life is a Country Song

My dog didn't die. I'm still married. I didn't bail my Uncle Rufus out of jail. Not that kind of country song. Just one actually. Ever since my Baby Boy A has been upright, there is one phrase of a country song that keeps running through my head. So my life isn't an entire country song. Just a line.

There's a carrot top who can barely walk, with a sippy cup of milk...

And there he is! (Isn't that a sweet face?) I caught it yesterday. (Amazing feat actually seeing how he never sits still.) My carrot top (you can't really tell in the picture, but he is RED) barely walking with his sippy cup of milk. He actually has two sippy cups. You can see his brother in the background chasing him down for stealing his milk. He's not running everywhere (yet) but he does walk just as much as he crawls. Gabe is not far behind. He stands on his own all the time and has even taken a few steps after he works up the courage. He does this little step in place before he takes his two or three steps. So. stinking. cute. I love it. Sunny stands up by herself too and does the best walking when she is holding a hand. In fact, I kind of think she can walk no problem, but for some reason doesn't want to be the first one. I think she's waiting for her brothers.

They're busy! So busy. That's the word of this stage. You should see the creative contraptions we have keeping cupboards and cabinet doors closed.

Speaking of busy. If you're not busy, go to my running blog and leave your answers to my questions about music at the end of the post. I really want to know what everyone listens to if/when they run, walk, skip crawl. Also, there is a sweet picture of me in my winter running attire. Don't get all player hater on me for how awesome I look.

BTW - Lonestar's Front Porch Looking In is the soundtrack to Christian's latest accomplishment.


Unknown said...

Love that song - They are so cute - I was wondering who would walk first. :)

Sandi said...

Walking, I can't believe they are big enough to be walking. I love reading your blog and watching the little ones grow, SO FUN! Oh and if you need more contraption ideas let me know, I have a few great ones of my own being put to use right now! Such a cute family!!

LHall said...

Seeing your babies gives new meaning to the "windows of heaven" verse in the scriptures....more blessings than we can hold!