Friday, October 28, 2011

I went to a funeral yesterday.  My dear Uncle Marty passed away Monday.  It was sudden and unexpected.  In my religion, we believe that we have a chance to live with those who die before us.  We believe that we will see them again.  This can be comforting and help ease the pain of losing someone you love.  But it is still hard.  I believe that my Uncle Marty is happy and free from the pain and sojourns of this life.  But the rest of us that are left to go on without those we love -- it is hard.  Even with the faith that he will be with his family again, my heart still breaks to see my aunt and cousins grieve their husband and father.

But that is the way of things.  How will they know the inexplicable joy of reuniting with him if they don't feel the intense heartache that I don't want to begin to imagine.  He was warm and caring and full of love and life.  Even if I can try to emulate a fraction of all his best traits, I will be a better person.  He lived a good life.  We will miss him so much.

I gave away a lot of extra hugs and I love yous yesterday.  This life is short.


Lydia said...

So sorry for your loss, it is a hard thing to lose someone. But, what a sweet truth we know =)

Hamblin Family said...

Kara, Sorry for your loss! You have a strong testimony and it is amazing that you can share it at your most difficult moments. We are lucky to know what we do. Your faith makes other's stronger. Thanks for sharing:)