Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm a big fan.  Big fan.

I love Halloween.  I'm not a guts and gore Halloween lover.  But I love the dress up and get candy part.  It's especially fun that my kids don't have a choice about what costume I put them in.  We can do family themes for a while!

The day will come when they will choose their own costumes and I will say, "What does a princess, a turtle and Batman have in common?  What is the common tie?  How can mom and dad fit into that mix!?"  They will roll their eyes, as I often imagine them doing in all my future scenarios.

  Last year, we were a zoo.  It was fun to do a more literal approach to our actual lives.  We did feel a little zooish a year ago.  We still do actually.  

This year, we decided to fly to the second star to the right, and go straight on til morning.

If you're wondering why my three toddlers are all just sitting on the stoop, posing for pictures, being so well behaved, it's because I am a perfect mother and have taught my nearly 2 year olds to always follow directions at all times and....BWAHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHA HAAAA HAHAHAA! Sorry, I almost pulled that off with a straight face.  They were waiting for their bribe fruit snacks.

Of course what would the lost boys and Tink be without Wendy and Peter Pan, right?  Right?  Actually, we could leave it at these three little punkins and everyone would be happy with that.  But mom will always be that 10 year old girl, planning the most awesome costumes with her sisters and bff across the street.  Don't we look ready for a party?  (Which we were headed to after taking these pictures.)

Apparently Wendy is the type to get her nightgown at a second hand store and doesn't notice the bottom stitching is coming undone.  And Peter is the boy who never grew up, but can grow a pretty good beard.  We're kind of a motley crew.  Captain Hook doesn't stand a chance.

Let's try and get a picture with EVERYONE looking!  Shall we?

Annnd, ready?  Look at Grandma!

Ok, guys, look!  Grandma is snapping her fingers and waving!  Isn't that awesome?  LOOK!

Nope. We tried.

Happy Halloween!


michael. mindy. dane. said...

the bangs! i love the bangs!

Amanda Wells said...

You are ambitious, I gave up on trying to do a halloween theme, a few years ago. It is so cute though, maybe next year. Have a great Halloween!!!

Hamblin Family said...

Love it!! I need to get the guts to dress up. I make my family do it but I chicken out every year. Next year is the year and you are part of my inspiration:)

MrsD said...

LOVE the innocent looks on child #1,2, and 3! Save these pix for posterity!

michelle grange said...

ok i'm freakin out!! what an adorable little family! i LOVE the kiddo's costumes. i agree that you have to take advantage of making them wear what you want before they grow up and get opinionated. love it.

Galley's said...

So much fun! I always laugh out loud at your funny posts but this one had me rolling. Thanks for having the cutest family ever!

Carrie said...

i feel like the unraveling hem makes your costume more authentic. but i have to admit that i laughed out loud at the beard comment. that really robs you of street cred when it comes to being a boy that never grew up.

Travis Wilcox said...

I, too, love, love love Halloween. We will have to tell you about glueing a very realistic beard on Jaren. Gross. You guys look so cute! I love your costumes and your over-the-top-willing husband. I would love you to see Travis as the tin man when we were Oz-ites. I have been wanting to call you. Thank you enormously for thinking of me. I love you dearly.

Kiley Newbold said...

Chris needs some shoes...durn hippie.