Monday, November 21, 2011

We Both Work From Home

Chris has been working from home lately.

Awesome, you say.  Right?  Well, kind of.

You see, my day is filled with running around.  Refereeing fights over mini backhoes and tattered books.  Wiping tears from a game of chase gone wrong.  Changing diapers.  Washing hands.  Changing diapers.  Washing hands again.  Running loads of laundry.  Washing sippy cups and trays eight-hundred times.  Sweeping floors.  Etcetera.  Etcetera.  Etcetera.

To sum up, I just seem to move around a lot all day.  Normal stay-at-home-mom stuff.  With Chris' job, he is on his laptop a lot.  On his headset a lot.  So, guess where he has picked his "home office" to be?

I walk in our room at three in the afternoon, after frantically running back and forth, trying to shuffle little people in their beds for some afternoon "quiet time."  I just finished running up and down the stairs to the playroom, because the books I brought for "quiet time" were not the right ones. (Can you guess why "quiet time" is in quotes?)

So after strolling in our room after running a 5K through my kitchen, thinking I need to put on shorts because of the beads of sweat dripping from my forehead, I see him, in our bed, with the covers pulled up, pillow behind his back, "working" away on his laptop.

Of course he is working!  I shouldn't have used the quotes.  He works very hard for our family.  In fact, he has always chosen the types of jobs where he doesn't have to put on a suit and be a 9-5er.  It's what makes him happy.  I'm proud of him for that.  But come on!  Does he have to pick our big, comfy bed?

When I walk in, I want to see him sitting at the desk, with one phone on each ear, maybe even wearing a green, plastic visor and saying phrases like, "Buy!," "Sell!," "No! Tell New York we have to wait until next month..."  You know, gettin' stuff done phrases.  It would also help if he had an accent like he's a newspaper editor from 1928.  It's not right for adults in this household to be snuggled up in bed before 9pm.  Not right I tell you!

However, I secretly love having him just behind the door as I shepherd, console and love the darlings that share our DNA.  Last night, I unintentionally sabotaged his DVR'd football game by "suggesting" he relax a little when it came to keeping such an intense eye on our brood.

I meant to say that they needed to experience some things for themselves or else they won't learn important life lessons.  What he heard is that I think they should try climbing the roof sometime to see what it was like.

Then he "suggested" to me that I should keep in mind how little they still are.  They are still fragile, even though they are bigger than two pounds.  What I heard is that I am a hippie mom who lets her kids run wild in the streets.

It took a few more "suggestions" back and forth to get to the bottom of what we both meant.  Turns out we are both right.  How about that?

Then it hit me.  This parenting gig is hard.  Like, really hard.  So I'm glad I have a best friend to help navigate these turbulent, tantrum-filled waters.  There is no handbook to these darling monsters.  We are writing it as we go.

So what he picks the most comfortable spot in the entire house to make calls and spreadsheets from?  It just means my handsome, co-author to our future best-seller, "Raising Triplets and Staying Married: The How To Guide" is only a hallway commute from hugs, kisses and cheers from all of his biggest fans.

A few of our work day activities...

Group discussions on which photo booth effect is best for our company flyer.

Going outside to get the creative juices flowing for our next board meeting and sales presentation.

How is your job?  Anyone ready to egg my house for complaining about my spouse being home?
Any suggestions on surviving the upcoming winter?  I think my co-workers are going to be a restless bunch.


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I understand you right now. Marriage, kids, ugh... it's a tough gig. I appreciate your willingness to express that.. and to do so kindly. I am not so kind. Would I line the bed in thumbtacks? Maybe. Parenting doesn't bring out the best in you sometimes. Keep your chin up, cuz' I use it to keep mine up.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i'm not throwing any eggs. tomatoes, maybe. but no eggs. i had no clue chris had been working from home. WHY DON'T WE SEND DAILY TEXTS WITH DAILY RUN-DOWNS OF OUR DAY! i feel out of the loop. i can see how it would be hard. i would want him out playing with us, or i'd want to be in snuggled up with him.

and hippie mom? yeah right. i always think everyone else thinks that of ME when daner is running amuck (a muck? amack? amuc? WHO made up that term and WHY can't i spell it?). now i'm stuck on amuck and can't remember the rest of my comment. sheesh.

MrsD said...

Gigantic Costco sized box of fruit snacks, a gigantic Costco sized sense of humor, and selective neglect will get you through anything! Being on the other side of parenting, my only offering is, "it's worth it", but take a break every now and then! (Did you know I used to watch "The Young and the Restless"? I allowed myself two hours a week, Monday, and Friday, that way I always knew what was going on!) (Don't tell!)

kara said...

@macndos, thank you! Your encouragement in this battle of rearing wee ones is so appreciated. Thumb tacks? Hmm. Something to think about. And yes, I know you're real name, but I like using handles.

@Mindy, have you not been getting my texts? I send you at least one an hour. Don't throw the tomatoes too hard. They might be nice in a salad or something. Amuck? I'm pretty sure Daffy Duck gets credit for that one. ps - this working from home gig is sporadic from day to day, not a permanent thing. (yet)

@MrsD, I am shocked and delighted at such a bawdy admission!! Almost as exciting as the time I found out you loved motorcycles. What else don't I know about you?!? Your depth of example is way deeper than I thought. ;)

Caitlin said...

oh goodness, i can only imagine how crazy it has to be with marriage and kids. i can only draw off of when i was growing up and i'll say this to you: u moms are rockstars. i kno that growing up i was REALLY lucky to have parents that would ensure that one was always home so there weren't babysitters and afterschool daycares. ur kids are doubly lucky because they have BOTH of u! and while it has to be a major stressball and the hubs can bug u at times, kno that in the end u both love each other so much and will get thru the day, crazy 5k kitchen races and all!