Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You see, it's bread, but it's also tofu...

It started the summer of 2009.  A quest for more calories.  The right kind of calories that is.  When one body is in charge of making three, you tend to think in caloric terms.  Especially since one night you go to bed with muscles in your thighs and the next morning, they are gone.  That's how quick the trio zapped my resources.

Then, the three bodies came early and were tiny and besides the whole breathing thing, the only other thing we talked about was their FOOD!  Are they eating yet?  Are they eating with their mouths yet?  Are they eating with mom yet?  Their tiny bottles were measured after each feeding.  Extra calories were added to each bottle.  Calories, eating, calories, eating, calories eating.  It was a big focus.

So I blame my continued focus on calories and eating on our hospital days.  Because my kids are still small for their age.  Even their adjusted age.  Real age: 22 months.  Adjusted age: 19 months.  Even for 19 month olds, they are on the small side.  I know a lot is just who they are and I shouldn't worry as much as I do.  So they are smaller than average?  Big deal.   (I'm also trying to ween myself from this whole "adjusted" thing completely.)

But I can't help but plot and plan how to add extra calories, (the right kind) protein and good fat to their food.  Especially when one of my monsters is the kind of picky that throws his food on the floor FIRST, then says he doesn't like it.

You remember this post about my pickiest guy?  I asked for ideas and suggestions in making bread a substancial meal.  You came through for me.  I now add ground flax seed to our waffles  and anything else breaded or bread like. All of the suggestions were great!  Thanks.  But I tried a recipe called TOFU BREAD!  There's tofu, in the bread my friends.  Everyone needs a friend like Kelsey.  Not only will she find such a recipe like tofu bread, but also has one of her own for something called wheat meat.  Love it.  She is my alter food ego.  I'm the Clark Kent nerd.  She's the food Superman.      

You'll be very happy (or grossed out) to know that every single person in my household liked it.  I even have photographic proof of my two biggest doubters.  (Gabe and his dad.)

Chris wanted to retake this picture because he said I looked "evil."  Not evil.  Sneaky.  There's tofu in that pan!

Professional posing at work here.
The universal sign for "this bread is good!"

Uh, still clicking huh?  
Getting weird about the camera.  I like it, I like it!  Stop taking pictures of me.

First bite...hmmm.

Alright, I'll go for another.

This smile means tofu bread is now in our rotation.

This guy is a VERY focused eater.  He rarely looks up when hungry.
Just checking in again, still eating it.

She's thinking that she isn't sure why I take pictures with my phone.  They rarely turn out.  She's very smart.

Anyone notice the hot dogs the kids were having with their bread?  If you're confused, and wonder what the big talk about "right calories" was all about -- it's a fine balance between wanting to fatten them up, giving them good food and them actually eating what I put in front of them.  So I buy Hebrew Nationals.  Kosher hot dogs! They love them.  I know what's in them.  The end.  

Also, since last airing grievances about what's lacking in diets around here, iron came up.  Sheesh!  It never ends.  So, I am now looking into ways to work spinach into places it has no business being.  I'll keep you updated.  Because I know that's what the people want, spinach updates!

That, and pictures like these...

The next recipe I'm working on.  I call it Munchkin Soup.  Looks delicious, doesn't it?

Happy tofu bread making! (You know you want to try it.)


Anonymous said...

OMG, YEY! I am so glad it is good. No reason to not be good. Ooh OOh... idea #2, have you ever made chocolate mousse with the silken tofu? Have I already told you this idea, because I am sortof getting deja-vu here. No kid would not eat that, right?
I love that you can help implement some of this cool stuff!
Sounds like wheat meat is next on your list, it's high in iron! (note: even my good eater won't touch wheat meat, but we love it!)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

LOVE the last picture.

tofu bread? really? kara...i think you might be pushing it here :-S

also, dane eats bar-s hot dogs. call me crappy mom because i definitely DON'T know what's in them. oops on my part, i guess :-S

Staci said...

Do you ever read Hilary Smoots blog? I have found very useful tips from her, she also has a two year old that approves her recipes... also the cook book deceptively delicious by Jessica Seinfeld has good tips for sneaking foods into recipes.

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

Ummm... I totally want to try it!!... but I really don't do things like make homemade bread. But I want to... but can I? Ok, I'll try it. No probably not. Ok, just send me some... no i'll do it! ha! Love you Kara, you're just so dang funny! Can't wait to hear how the munchkin soup likes spinach!

MrsD said...

Spinach and parmesan cheese, or any kind of cheese what do you think?

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I have never heard of tofu bread before! BUT I love Tofu and I love bread so together I am sure they are the perfect marriage :) Great recipe