Monday, February 6, 2012

My Rioting Mob

The next time a stranger says to me, "Oh triplets!  I always wanted to do my kids all at once,"  I am going to give them the play by play of what exactly happened today.

I won't do it here.  I like my readers too much.  I want ya'll to come back and keep reading.  By relating to you the details of what went within the walls of this home today, you will erase this blog from your reader, claim you never knew me and if the subject of triplets ever comes up in a conversation again, you will get queasy and excuse yourself.

So I'll spare you the exact details.  But the stranger that utters those words, so help me, I will tell them EXACTLY what happened.  Every gory detail.  Especially if they have that look in their eye where I know all they're thinking about is matching onesies and names that all start with Z.  And rhyme.  

Then, at least after they have conversed with me, even if they don't believe everything that happened, they will change their mind, because they will think I am crazy.  And I clearly became this way from having three children the same age.  They don't want to share my fate.

I will tell you this.  (It's still a bit scary.)  There are times during a normal course of play that my little darlings suddenly become a mob.  You know when a city's team loses the championship and crazed fans take to the street to riot?  Cars are overturned, building are smashed up, shops are looted, mayhem.  Pure mayhem.

As I was putting on my disaster clean up suit to enter one area of my house, I left everyone alone to play.  Apparently they were jacked up on milk and goldfish they had consumed for snack time and decided to riot.  Pieces of furniture were OVERTURNED.  Toy tool benches and basketball hoops were on their sides.  Little people were running and jumping on all of these large objects, with glee and delight!  Baby gates had been scaled.  What used to separate the play room from the large treadmill, stove (thank goodness I didn't light a fire today), and other things that toddlers should not have access to was breached.  Mayhem!  Pure mayhem.

Thanks to a sweet neighbor who came over within minutes of me calling for backup, the day was salvaged.  I was able to regain control over what was looking like a no hope situation.  Things got better.

It also didn't hurt that daddy brought home ice cream stuffed with peanut butter and fudge for this weary mamma.  I'm pretty sure he heard my clenched teeth through my texts this afternoon.

Now it's bedtime, and my three little rioting mobsters are sleeping soundly.  That's the wonderful thing about bedtime.  Through the routine of pjs and teeth and bedtime songs, the harsh memories of a horrible afternoon soften a little.  They lay their tiny heads on your shoulder as you say a bedtime prayer.  Their sweet little lips say "ah-men" and give you a kiss they already know you're going to ask for.  You breath a little deeper.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  



Kelsey said...

I have a friend who told me, laughing hysterically, that she remembers locking herself in her closet, and crying on the phone to her mom while her 2 year old freely stormed around the house. I think of this often and it makes me laugh because I can just picture that scene. So... there you go. Now you can picture that scene. Motherhood = capitalizing on other people's pain. :)

Chalyce said...

Kara! First off, congratulations on the being pregnant. (Sorry, I'm kind of late). Second, now I'm getting worried about what we'll be facing. :) We still need to do lunch or something. We should come up there and bring something. Then both Ryan and I can help you with the little mobsters. :)

Karen said...

I sure wish I was a fly on your walls today. And then I wish I was a magical fly that could have pieced everything back together for you before you could even blink! We all have crazy days like that. Yours is just times 3! Wishing you a great day tomorrow!!

Tina said...

Ummm, Waiter? CHECK PLEASE! Hehehe...I can only imagine the chaos if even one of the little stinkers can keep up with all of Noah's shenanigans! I think the thought is going to give me nightmares! :)

P.S. What a GREAT husband you have!

Carrie said...

i am DYING for the gory details. i'm sure it was terrible for you at the time, but i absolutely love how you always 100% seem happy and in control. no matter what you're writing about, it always brings a smile to my face.

good luck for a less eventful tomorrow!

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

Maybe you need Allstate... to prevent against Mayhem.. ya know? I'm SURE they cover triplet mobbing and rioting??!! Right? Surely they MUST! You're hilarious. I don't know HOW you do it because our home is a battle zone more often than not, and usually it's just ONE of them at a time. Motherhood. Not for the faint of heart. love ya!