Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Am Annoying

I am THAT girl.

Chris calls me a maven.  I call myself concerned with the truth and facts.  But everyone else probably just calls me annoying.

The other night  I was in a conversation with a fellow pregnant lady. (Along with a couple other women.) As most pregnant conversations go, the talk turned to bathroom breaks.  She mentioned how she had to go more at the beginning of her 2nd trimester than any other time.  She thought it was strange and didn't know why that was.  

But I did!  I had JUST read about it, like 3 days ago.  I was her answer.  I was able to solve her mystery.  She would no longer wonder why the frequent bathroom trips at that point.  Wouldn't she be thrilled to know!?!  How could I even wait for her to finish the rest of her story.  

Her:  "So I'm not sure why that was, but now that I'm further along -"
Me: "You know, I just read -"

She kept going.  The others listening didn't care what I just read.  It was slightly embarrassing.  So I listened and let her finish.  In fact, the conversation went in another direction.  My important fact was completely irrelevant.  But did I care?  No.  The truth had to be known.  I couldn't let a mystery that I had the key to go unsolved.  

So I spoke up.  

"Hey, remember when we were talking about you going to the bathroom..."

Yea.  It was as awkward as it sounds.  

Annoying.  She was nice though and listened to my ever so important fact.  I'm sure she slept better that night knowing the truth.

PS - it's the increased blood flow.  Your blood increases at the beginning of your second trimester which adds more fluid which accounts for more frequent potty breaks.

You're welcome.



Carrie said...

i totally do that too!

Kelsey said...

"Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of
confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and
courage." - my friend Carl Sagan

karagal said...

Aww.  Thanks fellow maven.    

Sally said...

Ha ha ha - you're awesome Kara! 

P.S.  How do you have a "fellow" pregnant lady?  That's an amazingly successful transgendered procedure!  :)

karagal said...

Touche Sally!  Semantics are a wonderful thing, aren't they?