Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

I miss running.

I haven't ran in months.  I know physically, I could.  There is nothing medically holding me back.  But -- uffda!   The thought of moving faster than 3.5 miles an hour makes me want to lay down and take a nap.

I did go on a (semi-brisk) walk this morning with my ex-running partner.  Ex because she used to run too.  There were runners out in droves today.  A couple of women ran by us, geared up with their hydration belts and tights.  "That used to be us."  She said it right as I was thinking it.

We'll run again someday.  I have this whole pregnant / baby thing going on right now.  She's just getting over having cancer.  So, you know, life gets complicated sometimes.  It's amazing to think we were both getting ready to run a half-marathon this time last year.  And even crazier that my baby is due on the year anniversary of when we ran up a mountain, then back down, totaling 26.2 miles and didn't die.  There are other marathons besides the running kind.  Some of these even have bigger rewards.

I glanced at my google searches today.  Funny.  Here is a few searches people have done recently that have brought them to my blog.  I'll try to explain if I can.

  • double wide strollers from hell- I have written about strollers quite a bit.  But from hell?  Good luck with that, whoever did this search.  You should probably stay away from that stroller if you ever find it.  Just a suggestion.

  • dr. scott sampson mormon - the Dinosaur Train guy!  Remember when I met him because of an essay I wrote?  That was cool.  He gave such an amazing lecture about kids and nature.  It actually popped in my head yesterday when Gabe went to pick up a dead spider.  I almost stopped him, but remembered Dr. Scott's advice -- let children discover nature on their own.  Don't implant your own ideas about what they should and shouldn't be interested in.  i.e. picking up spider corpses is not something I would do, but he needs to discover his world.  So he touched a dead spider.  Big deal.  We're both still ok.  Also, I don't think Dr. Scott is a mormon.  Not everyone that lives or has lived in Utah is mormon.  Shocking, but true.  He's a brilliant guy.  If you have time, listen to his lecture I went to last year.  Especially if you're a teacher or have kids or even both or even none of those.  Just listen to it.  You won't be sorry.

  • duct tape to fix stroller wheel - yup.  Been there, done that.  Again, good luck to you, google searcher.  

  • icebath runninggear - first, you should try out the space bar more often.  It's a handy tool.  Second, ice baths are awesome and terrible.  I love them after really long runs (anything over 15 miles).  But I scream and hiss and make weird squeaky noises while getting in.  I miss running.  

  • rexburg "making out" - oh boy.  I did attend a school in Rexburg, ID it's true.  Not a lot of "making out" went on though.  Promise.  Not sure why the searcher put it in quotes either.  Not sure I want to know the current euphemism for "making out."  Whoever you are, save your kisses!  Don't give them away so easily.  I know Rexburg is small and boring, but there are better things to do than "make out."  Like donate plasma!  Or work in a potato factory!  Or prank call guys in your ward!  Or look up cute boys on the student data base!  Or elaborate on old rumors from apartment complexes you live in!  Ahh Rexburg, you'll always have a strange, potatoey place in my heart.  

We are going to the park today, on this balmy Saturday.  I couldn't be happier about this winter weather we've had.  I'm sorry to all the snow people who do stuff in the snow and like the snow and have outfits that are made for being in the snow for long periods of time.  We're not those people.  

I'm missing being in Richfield right now to watch my youngest brother do his thing at the divisional wrestling tournament.  He's an amazing athlete, student, brother and all around good kid.  Thankful other members of our family are there to cheer him on.  

I throughly enjoyed and devoured a 32 oz Peach Perfection smoothie from Jamba last night, courtesy of a devoted husband who has never once complained about helping his wife indulge in recent cravings.  It was really good.  

I love the weekend.  Now I'm off to take a long shower because there is another adult in the house that will listen and get up with my napping darlings.  (It's the little things that make me happy.)


mindizzle said...

i might have to turn my google search option back on just so i can see what people find on my blog. yours are rockstar awesome sauce.

i can't say much because i've got "and iiiii e iii will always love you oo oo ooo oo i" because of all the fb messages about whitney dying. also, when i just tried to type oo oo oo my computer switched it to poo. then it did it a second time when i was trying to explain. i should have left it. 

speaking of...your mom elaborated on the story you blogged about the other day. yikes.

also, i recently, as in, 2 paragraphs ago, wrote tipe instead of type. too many hours at the wrestles. we cheered him on for you. dave did your part. not really. but we did meet him. and brenda hicken and i did make his face turn tomato red as we talked about boobs and their size in reference to the south summit cheerleaders.

and that, my friend, is where this comment ends.

Carrie Hillier said...

i love all of your random thoughts!  but i really love those google search words.  i just turned my google search option on for the first time ever.  i hope i get some gems like you!

karagal said...

I WILL always love you mindizzle.  Truth.  Sounds like I missed more than just championship wrestling this weekend!

karagal said...

It's very entertaining Carrie!  

Steve Galley said...

I miss you two running together, too!!  Oh well, there are many miles left on those tires. Many roads, races, trails, and finish lines yet to come...

I thought about commenting on the Google searches section, but was swept away in a wonderful daydream about my college make out shenanigans and when I woke up 2 hours later I had to get back to work!!

karagal said...

By just mentioning finish lines, you got me fired up to plan some kind of something involving a finish line this fall.  Surely, you were a straight arrow, no shenanigans kind of college student.  I'm sure of it!