Sunday, March 25, 2012


30 Things from this list.

Describe your relationship with your parents.

Good.  The end.


This is a subject that I could devote a lot of time and words to.  I owe a lot to my parents.  It seems almost trite to do a summary of our relationship in a blog post. But do it I must!  This might turn into more than a relationship summary.  I can't just write about my parents without mentioning my gratitude for what they have given me.

 I grew up with my dad calling me Sunshine.  I think every little girl should have a nickname from her dad.  He took me to the park to play soccer.  He taught me how to swing a bat.  He dressed up for a 50's themed daddy-daughter dance when I was in Girl Scouts and said how much he loved to be there with me.  As a young adult, trying to find my way in the world, he would slip me cash for gas money.  Even when I didn't have a car.  He danced with me at my wedding and had this smile that I only see when he's trying to hold back tears.  He's never been shy about telling me he loves he or that he's proud of me.  So now, as an adult, my kids aren't the only ones who get excited when Grandpa D stops by for a visit.

I believe the world is a conquerable place full of adventure and opportunity.  I believe the work I do within the walls of my own home will mean more than anything I have done or will ever do.  I believe women have very different, yet equally important roles as men.  Equally as important.  People may look, act, behave or believe different than I do, but you still love them and give them space in your life.  This is a value system I learned from my mother.

Growing up, even with 5 other kids all needing something, I still felt important and loved.  My mom was "Mom" growing up.  She disciplined and let me know when she was disappointed in me.  (FYI - I was never grounded, only disappointing, which was infinitely worse.)  But she also loved unconditionally and was always there to wipe away tears of hurt or anger or heartache.  I value my mom's opinions and advice now more than ever.  I think all my siblings are just really, really great people.  I want that for my kids too.  I think she knew what she was doing rearin' us up.

I love my parents dearly.  I will always be grateful for their patience, love and sacrifice so I could be equipped to try and do the same for my own children.



Karen said...

I wish I could meet those folks of yours. I know they have to be amazing because of who you are. My mom always called me her sunshine girl and still does. I will always cherish that nickname.

Shauna said...

:) :):)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

love love love it. teared up at the dad paragraph. nodded in agreement at the mom one. you described both of them perfectly. you are a lucky gal. and i am lucky to have them as in-laws. and you! lucky to have you. loved this.

MrsD said...

Thank you for the kind words, but most importantly, thank you for your life choices, you are your family are so loved!!

MrsD said...
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