Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's That Time

They are a little late getting here, but they finally hit.

The winter blahs.

Along with this winter blahziness, other yucky feelings hitched a ride.

Sometimes I feel like there is never enough time, enough money, enough food.  (Nobody panic.  We all have enough food to eat.  When I said not enough food, I mostly meant not enough nights of take-out or going out to eat, or any other occasion that frees me from chopping veggies and doing dishes.)  Poor me.  Whaaa whaa wha.

Then like a warm winter ray of sunshine sneaking in through the southern window, the thought comes to me, be grateful ya big fat whiner!

Seriously.  How mild has this winter been?  My wool socks are in a bunch over like, the third snow storm of the season?  Did I already forget the 45 degree, sunshine-y walk we went on last week?  

So, in honor of my short memory of all the great things in my life, this is officially a gratitude post.

I am grateful for:
  • My little monkeys.  Those littles of mine teach me so much.  I do think one of their missions on this earth is to make me a better person, despite myself being myself.
  • Chris.  I married a good man.  A really good man.
  • Fresh snow on branches.  The bare branches of winter never look lovelier.  
  • The fact that I'm still pregnant.  Whenever I'm about to get grumpy about being feeling ill, I think this thought.  
  • My faith.  Such a small word, but it covers so much and runs deep.
  • Good friends who check in on me from time to time.  
  • Technology (we love you Face Time!) to be able to stay in touch with my family. 
  • Learning new things.  If my mind were as fresh and spongy as my toddlers', I would have 6 master's degrees by now.  
  • The sunshine.  Both the warm rays and the little girl that loves her daddy more than anything.
  • My boys.  It hits me every now and then they will be men someday.  My little boys.  I'm grateful I married a real man so they have a real example.     
I'm also grateful for this:

Not my creepy grin, but the bottle of green stuff I'm holding.  Chris calls it grass juice.  Others might gag at it's contents.  (Kale, spinach, cilantro, pineapple juice, other stuff...)

But I call it a legacy of love.  It's a "green smoothie" as my grandma so affectionately calls it.  She made it special, just for me and my growing peanut.  Whipped it up in her kitchen, packed it in a Mason jar and brought it to my house.  She and my grandpa then watched the kiddos for 3 hours while I did stuff.  I'm also grateful for that.

I'm grateful for the chance to "refill my cup so I have something to give," as a friend of mine recently reminded me.

What are you grateful for lately?
Any pregnant super foods you want to share?
Is it time for a belly picture?  I think it might be...


Shauna said...

1. Time (My kids seem to be growing up too quickly! Even my six week old Joey..slow down:)
2. Spinach
3. Yes on the picture

Karen said...

It is time for a good ol belly shot. Today was hard really hard, and put a lot of things into perspective. Funerals will always do that to you, you know? Today I'm grateful for every day we have, family, and the plan of salvation. Sorry, Didn't mean to get heavy on you :)

Mike/Margaret said...

Yes it is time for the belly shot. I will be sending a package tomorrow of random things. Enjoy them, most are for you.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

it was time for a belly picture 2 months ago. get with it! ;)

Unknown said...

I am grateful for friends like you Kara that can make me laugh out loud by myself and cry like a baby in one post. Definate yes on the belly shot.