Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Heat is....ON

I can't believe how long it's been. Weeks. Days. Sorry little blog. I do care about you, I've just been a little busy. Distracted. And hot. Sooo hot.

I'm in Portland right now. Happily here for a wedding that is going to go down in 2 days. I am not happy however about the 100 degree heat.

I have nothing creative to write about. Nothing witty to say. It's too hot to connect clever puns or put together a crafty alliteration. So hot. Wet wash cloths put in the freezer and lots of strawberry popsicles and finding excuses to drive around with the A/C on have been my coping strategies. (No a/c in house...ahhhh. Nice.)
I'm pretty sure part of my skin has melted off. This winter, when I'm uncontrollably shivering in the car, waiting for the heat to kick in, I'll think twice before I wish it was 100 degrees at that very second.
What I wouldn't give for a giant walk in freezer right now. Or a bubbling mountain stream going through the middle of the living room.
I'm melting.
I'm melting.
I'm melt
in g


Karen said...

Portland has not behaved like itself since we've moved here. We had 25 inches of snow in December when it never snows here and now 100+ degree temps which never happens here. Luckily we have ac so you can't get here soon enough sounds like. All what Haylee wants to do is go swimming but there comes a point when it's even too hot for that. we are there! It's too hot

Stephanie said...

Have you spent any time in Connecticut this summer? Seems like all your posts are from somewhere else! Happy travels!