Sunday, January 9, 2011

My New Phrase

May I suggest a replacement phrase for an old classic? I'm sure you've heard,

"You can't fit a square peg into a round hole?"

Referring of course to attempting to do something that just won't work. You might have heard your grandpa say it, or your mechanic. I have an equally profound phrase to replace that one.

But it's important to say it the right way. Say it like you work in a Nascar pit crew. Or like you're an extra on Smokey and the Bandit. Or like your from where I grew up. (Much love to my beautiful valley!) Get real twangy with it.

"Well shoot, that sure ain't gonna work. That's like tryin to fit two babies in the same cupboard!"

I think it's going to catch on...


Tina said...

Too cute! I will definitely have to add that phrase to my vocabulary. Although I think it also has to be said with a one-arm swing across the chest to get the full effect. :)

Jimi said...

That made me laugh..thanks needed it after my day!

Grant and Candice said...

OH my heck, I love it! I laughed my head off, they are too too cute!

Unknown said...

And.....yes I miss you guys. So very much!